ZoSocial Review: Get an Exclusive Pricing

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To run the Facebook contests in the user’s timeline, ZoSocial is an effective one platform. To grow up a big mailing list, the users need to assure contests. To set up any contest in a flexible way, ZoSocial allows all the supportive conditions. In fact; in the facebook based marketing platform, this tool is just an outstanding one.

ZoSocial Review

With the support of Zocial, you can easily assure effective result from the Facebook pages. This allows the best contest system that can run on Facebook pages. It enables all the needed conditions to get more engagement, email leads as well as the growth.

Why This Tool?

While running the contest on Facebook, you can ensure more traffic and engage a lot of audiences. Besides, the email leads can also be managed through this term. For enabling this term, ZoSocial approves some sequential logic. These conditions can be applied to build up the brand awareness. After organizing the email subscribers, you can engage them in getting the expected profit.

Supportive Features and the Functionalities

To arrange all the needed contests in your facebook pages, ZoSocial is very helpful. With this support, you will be able to maintain high engagement with any post. This procedure can arrange a huge profit from any online based store. Through the contest as well as the sweepstakes running process, any user can obtain a huge fan base. For assuring more profit from your business solution, you need to find out the active email subscribers.

The targeted email list acts as a valuable asset for any business solution. ZoSocial enables the users to detect the targeted email subscribers in a quick way. Then, you will get email trigger option within this tool and this term is managed here in an automatic way. This process refers that; the users can set up the automated emails directly while using ZoSocial. When the winner will be selected, the users will be notified by email having all the info.

Additional Supports: ZoSocial approves the user-friendly dashboard section. Due to having this criterion, the beginners can simply arrange any contest quite easily. For arranging the contests, you can enable the time scheduling option with drag and drop format. By using a single ZoSocial account, you can run any number of campaigning processes. All the campaigning process can be controlled from the dashboard section. Besides, it allows the way to run limitless fan pages under each account. To build up the relationship with the fans, it also allows an additional term. All of these processes can be tracked with proper reporting condition.

ZoSocial and its Price

To obtain the premium version of ZoSocial, the users will need to pay only $197. Within this license, all the available supports are included.