Zoolz Home Ultimate Storage Pricing : Get a Cool Review

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Do you need secures storage for storing the backup files of your computer and other drives? If you need then the good news for you is, different companies provide the backup storage for the customers. But the bad news is the storages offered by most of the companies are not well protected. So before choosing any storage of any company, you must consider the features offered by the responsible company. Zoolz offers secured storages for the customers and this company actually offers two types of storages. Zoolz Home Ultimate is one of those.

Zoolz Home Ultimate Review

Zoolz has the capability to store the backups of the network drives as well as the external drives. You will be able to create and store backups of the external drives after connecting those with your computer. When the backup process will end, you will be allowed to get those backup files and no need to connect those external drives to restore the backups.

Why Zoolz Home is Ahead of Other Storages

Real security is another great feature of the Zoolz Home Ultimate and for this feature, all the backup files will be stored on encrypted servers. So you don’t have to worry about the security of your files after storing those. The Zoolz Company uses the Hybrid Technology to provide stronger protection to the backups and to ensure little retrieval time. There are storages, of some other companies, which cannot be used for saving the backups of all types of files. But the Zoolz Home will let you store all types of documents, programs and other types of files very easily and safely.

So many unique types of features have been added to the Zoolz Home Ultimate. After purchasing this plan of Zoolz, you will be able to set the schedule for storing the backups. It also offers the file filtering option with which you can restore only the selected files. The restoring process is very simple for the Zoolz Home. It can best choice if you are a professional photographer. In the Zoolz storage, you will be allowed to store all types of photos captured with different types of cameras. The backup files of one computer can be restored to another computer with just one license if you use the Zoolz Home Ultimate.

Different Plans and Customer Supports

Zoolz offers three different plans for customers. You can be registered to use the storage of Zoolz for different time periods such as one year, two years or three years. No matter what plan you choose, the features of Zoolz Home Ultimate will be the same. The Zoolz Help Center provides various types articles as well as FAQs for the customer to inform about it. You will be allowed to contact the technical support team to get the solutions to the problems you face while using Zoolz Home Ultimate.