Zomex Review | Avail Pricing for the Hosting Solution

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Web hosting and reseller hosting are offered by so many hosting providers. But there are some companies, which will help you to set up your hosting business perfectly. Zomex is one of such companies.

A Short Review on Zomex

From here, you can easily purchase the web hosting and reseller hosting facilities. And even you will also get the templates and themes which will help you to create the websites for hosting companies. So you don’t have to rely on other companies anymore. Here are the main products of this company:


Amazing WP Themes

Zomex is the source of various types of web templates. Among those, WordPress themes are of very good quality. These themes are actually of web hosting category. That means, if you want to create websites for your hosting providing company, then you can use these themes. And from the reseller facility of this company, you can become the owner of your own hosting business. Each of the WordPress themes about this company is fully responsive. That is why, the visitors will feel great while visiting your site from any device. The very powerful Wizard Panel is added to each of the themes. You can access that panel from the WP admin panel very easily. And then you will be able to control your site without problem. Zomex WP Themes will give you the power to use different currencies on your site. You can also integrate the social media and upload your own logo very easily.

Web Hosting Facility

The web hosting service of Zomex is available with cPanel control panel and some other features. From that powerful control panel, you will be able to control everything on your website. For example, you may need to edit or remove the files. In those cases, the live editor will help you perfectly. And you can also upload the images and other web contents very easily. With the help of Softaculous, you can easily install so many scripts and software. Zomex web hosting has come with very impressive account backup facility. It will also help you to view the account statistics very easily.

Very Attractive Pricing

Pricing of the web hosting and themes of this company is very attractive and reasonable. Different themes are actually available there. Some of those are the Perspective, Orbit, and Vortex etc. to purchase each of these, you just have to pay $149.99 as per the date of writing this review. In the web hosting service of Zomex, there are three different plans. Among those, the Ultimate Plan is the largest one. This one will allow you to use 20 GB web space and 100 GB bandwidth. By paying just $9.99 per month, you can enjoy this service. And the Platinum Plan on the web hosting Zomex is the most popular one. This one is available for only 6.99 USD per month. By paying this little money, you will be able to enjoy 10 GB web space and 50 GB bandwidth.