ZipCloud Backup Cloud Storage Pricing: Get a Cool Review

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If you are looking for the cloud storage for storing the backups of different kinds then you can choose the ZipCloud Company because this company offers backup cloud storages for different purposes.

ZipCloud Review

The storages of offered by this company are very simple to use and you can store the files of entire computers in those storages or only the specific files. With the backup storages, this company offers so many powerful features.

Features of ZipCloud Personal

In most of the cases, the synchronization of the backup files is very necessary. The ZipCloud will let you synchronize all the files of the targeted devices. As it can synchronize multiple devices at the same time, it is very much time-saving. The size of the storage is unlimited and that is why you can store as many backup files as you want. One of the great advantages of the ZipCloud storage is you will be able to browse the backup files from the mobile devices. From the cloud storage, you can share your files very easily with your friends. Very advanced and secure socket layer is used by the ZipCloud Company for the maximum security of the backup files. Automatic and scheduled data backup systems are also the advantages of this company.

Advantages of the ZipCloud Business

The storages of the ZipCloud can be used for the business organization. That you can use the backup storage offered by this company as the way of storing and sharing important files of your business organization. You can also let your employees upload their file easily to the cloud storage of the ZipCloud. But to do this you need to choose the ZipCloud Business plan. When you will use this plan then you will be able to include as many user accounts as you need for your employees. That means you can use the ZipCloud Business for small and large business organizations. The files shared by all the employees can be perfectly synchronized also.

Why Choose the ZipCloud Partners

One of the best offers by the ZipCloud Company is the reseller facilities. If you want to sell the plans offered by this company then you can choose the ZipCloud Partners. As the reseller of the ZipCloud plans you will get the permission to set the price plans for the users. Most importantly you can add an unlimited number of user accounts for the plans. Creating the user accounts or allowing the users to use the storage is not the only thing because it is also very important to manage the user accounts. This is the reason why the ZipCloud Company will provide you the tools with which you will be able to manage the user accounts very easily. To the users, you can offer various types of packages.