Zenler Studio eLearning Authoring Tool Pricing: Get a Cool Review

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For creating the eLearning courses in an easy method, Zenler Studio is a dependable one solution for any user. This tool supports the users to create the needed eLearning courses with the help of PowerPoint. Here, you can perform proper editing process at any time.

Zenler Studio Review

To use this tool, the users don’t need to apply any coding skill. Even, when the contents are ready, you can publish them in various output formats like HTML5, Flash etc. Besides, this holds the needed functionalities to deliver and track the corresponding courses.

Working Procedure of This

The working process of this tool is very simple. At the initial level, you just need to double-click the program. When the program runs, all the available options will appear in the needed dialogue boxes. While using PowerPoint 2010/2013, the users can observe a new ribbon or tab which is named as Zenler Studio. To use this tool, you need to follow 4 simple steps. The first step is the course creation. Here, you can create the course name and the needed description. Here, you can also add as many chapters as you want. By depending on chapter type, the users need to insert the essential documents. Then, you can insert the needed quizzes and these are related to chapter type and available contents. At the last level, the courses can be published. To handle all of these tasks, there exists no technical skill. So, any type of user can use this for creating and running own eLearning courses.

Supportive Features List Offered Here

Interface Section: The interface section of this tool is very simple for any user. It issues the entire flexible environment for eLearning courses creating and editing system. The users don’t need to rely on expensive Flash or HTML5 content creation system. Here, the course designing section can be handled in a systematic way. By depending on the desired format, you can use the default conditions offered here.

Course Design: For the advanced level course designing section, Zenler Studio issues some professional terms. All of the terms can be applied from the menu bar section. Here, the users can select the course structure and after that s/he can customize that. The course wizard section under this tool allows the users to select the chapter numbers. Under every chapter, you can integrate the needed contents. To add quiz for any course, you will observe a default condition. This system can be configured under any specific chapter or full course.

Pricing Condition of Zenler Studio

Zenler Studio offers a free trial version having some limited features. In case of getting Zenler Studio Pro, you need to pay only $299. For Zenler Studio Pro Plus, only $699 will be needed.