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Zemana AntiLogger Reviews and Features

In maintaining the modern computer system, we have to deal with many factors that are running in our PC. Sometimes, the threats and the errors can damage the existing files and the application files. In that case, we can rely on Zemana AntiLogger. This platform is a supportive one by which the users can assure the task of protecting the active applications existing in any PC. Besides, the web based activities can also be protected by this solution. It stops the keylogger through scrambling the keys which are being typed quietly, effectively in the background section. If the keylogger capture the keystrokes, then they will observe the encrypted characters in a random method.

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Main Activities

This powerful app approves the way to keep track of the activities that are occurring in any PC. It offers the way to monitor the PC against the bad guys and the threats. Through this way it can simply protect the personal information from the dangerous links. It approves the malware based protection system and the remote access based protection system.

Financial Based Malware Protection

In the financial based protection system, this app can be used as it ensures the best protection system with the reliable conditions. The online banking system can be protected through the support of this. In fact; the financial malwares designed in such a way that they can steal the needed data from the PC while entering them and before it is going to be encrypted at the transmission process over internet. Zemana AntiLogger is able to identify the presence of the threats and it is able to prevent the activities of the malware.

Keystroke Based Logging Protection

Keystroke monitoring based malware is a common issue for the criminals to steal the log and in this way the keystrokes activities can be known by the criminals. To protect this system, Zemana AntiLogger is very supportive and it ensures the way to detect the links that are trying the access to the keyboard.

Screen Capture Security: Zemana AntiLogger ensures the system to keep track of the private things. If the screen grabbing links and malware exist on the PC, then the cyber criminals can simply see the activities that are performed by the mouse and the keyboards. With Zemana AntiLogger, you can easily keep your screen safe from the attack of the malware. Moreover, Zemana AntiLogger ensures the protection system for the remote access method and webcam based hijacking protection.

Packages and Coupon

Zemana AntiLogger offers four packages. The most popular package can be purchased through the price of $29.99, without coupon code. For the packages of 3 year license, you need only $59.99. For 2 year license, $44.99 is needed.

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