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Zapable Features and Review

Communication is a very important part of growing any business. There are many ways for communicating with customers and clients. It is fact that, most of them depend on mobile devices nowadays to get connected with the world. That is why, you also reach them via mobile phones. For doing that, you can create an app and get connected to them always. Now, after hearing about this, everybody may think that he or she must know programming. But by using just drag and drop solution, it is possible to create necessary app. Zapable is one of those solutions which can help you for doing this task.

You can purchase Zapable with the coupon offer. Avail this Zapable discount following the mentioned steps in the image above. Major features and facilities of this platform are:

Easy App Creation

Zapable offers perhaps the easiest way of app creation. With its drag and drop editor, you can create the required app very quickly. The background is always a beauty for any kind of software. That is why, this solution offers twenty different kinds of templates. By using these, it is very easy to create different backgrounds for the applications. Splash screen is also very important for attracting the clients. This screen actually shows an image when the app will be loaded. Zapable allows the app creators to customize such screen very easily. Similarly, this app will let you add different images, customize header images, and add videos. Sometimes, it can be necessary to add article pages to the create software. This task can be done without any problem.


Add Products & Services

By creating app with Zapable, you can promote products and services. For the created software, it will be very easy to add applications. It is also helpful for uploading audios or podcasts to the apps. YouTube is undoubtedly best video sharing platform. From there, this powerful solution will let you import videos. Creating list should be one of the most important tasks for any kind of online campaign. Zapable is perfect for creating such lists. It can create such apps which can be integrated with various platforms like Facebook, Aweber, GetResponse, and others. When any customer will download and install created software to their device, you can send them notifications anytime.

Affordable Pricing Option and Coupon

To purchase Zapable, annual fee should be paid. As per 13 January 2017, the annual price of this solution is only 497 USD excluding the coupon. Different kinds of business related software can be created by this platform. For example, software for food ordering service can be made by this. Customers can easily make their orders and reserve table in your restaurant. This solution can also create apps for client communication. Email and calling options can also be added to the application. Similarly, Zapable may be used for generating software for other forms of business. It will let you share various notes and PDF files through any created app.

In conclusion, please purchase Zapable with the discount offer. If you have any question on mind regarding the Zapable coupon, please feel free to ask us.