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XTractor Discount

XTractor Review and Features

For any kind of online campaigns, we need an email list. There are various ways of generating such list. One of the efficient ways is to extract contact information from various websites and pages. This task can be done manually. But manually doing this task takes more time, which may not be possible in many cases. That is why, I can suggest one solution which can be amazing for extracting emails. The name of that solution is XTractor. Get the solution with the discount coupon. Avail this XTractor coupon and save some money on this tool. Version 2.0 of this product is very much impressive for the following features:

Very Much Flexible

There are so many leads extractor solutions which are very difficult to use. But this product is a simple Chrome extension. That is why, it can be used from everywhere. Just like other ordinary tools, you can control this without previous extensions. XTractor only requires one click. And after that, it will offer all available audiences. For extracting emails, this product can work with so many sources. Like some other similar solutions, it can extract email addresses from any kind of webpages. At the same time, it can bring those from all types of Facebook pages and posts. Even it can find out these information from all the videos and images. That means, after purchasing XTractor, you will not need any other solution for leads extracting tasks.

Affordable Pricing Plans and Discount

Before judging the features, you don’t have to pay XTractor. Free edition of this tool is available, but that has some limitation. You can enjoy this for a lifetime. But it can extract only 100 FB emails or UIDs. It also has an auto scroll feature similar to a paid edition. But it will perform very slow auto scrolling. Pro edition of XTractor 2.0 is available with advanced features. As of the date of writing this review, the price of this tool is only 49 USD per year excluding the discount. This product offers very fast auto scroll facility. And it will extract unlimited number of FB emails and UIDs for you during its license period.

FB ID Extraction

XTractor 2.0 is not just an ordinary email extractor solution. But this product can easily find out Facebook address along with emails. Nowadays, social media has come one of the finest sources of leads. That is why, FB emails cannot be overlooked. For collecting such information, only few steps should be followed. First of all you need to input name of people and click and then FB emails list will be provided very shortly. Sometimes, information of members may need to be extracted. Similarly, XTractor will let you go to member page and click. Your list will be ready. Just in similar fashion, FB emails can be collected from other pages, videos, events, and posts. All the features available in this product are completely effective. That is why, this Chrome extension has been liked by so many people.

XTractor is a magnificent product being provided with the magnificent coupon offer. So, take advantage of this XTractor discount and enjoy the cool features.