XLned Pricing: Get a Cool Review

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XLned is providing its activities as a Usenet provider across the whole world. This company is running its activities from Netherland. The Usenet fans are totally dependent on this platform because of its outstanding performance and reliability.

XLned Review

XLned offers a wide range of facilities inside the corresponding plan. It doesn’t ask a user to connect from any specific IP address. From any location of the world, you can depend on this Usenet provider.

Core summery and the Features Of this

Binary retention: XLned offers binary retention system within 900 days across in 120,000+ newsgroups. You can compare this with other Usenet providers of Europe.

Speed: In the case of speed, it is very supportive of the users. It provides 40 Mbps which is defined the lowest speed under the available packages. Besides, it also assures unlimited downloading issue with the minimum speed of 2.5 Mbit. The upper range may cross 120 Mbit. From the variation of the package, the speed will be varied.

Connections: XLned offers 2 to 12 connection with the available plans. In fact; the available connections are based on the speed tier that is chosen. The users just need to max their ISP allowance.

Fundamental Issues offered here

XLned has implemented the SSL system within the server software in a secure way. This assures the fastest as well as the secure connection facility. Due to having this facility, your internet service provider won’t be able to access or interact with the browsing content. Besides, the activity of the Usenet users will be kept in hidden mood from the third party users.  After that, the SSL system of this platform ensures that your internet service provider can hardly slow down the connection system. Because of having this facility, you can smoothly browse.

Any subscriber of XLned can get the facility of reading and post the messages on Usenet at the same time. If any user wants to do this activity within the normal connection, then the corresponding connection will be divided among two parts like posting and reading. Moreover, XLned also offers an upload server for posting where you can post the messages simultaneously. Then, you can also read the messages by depending on the connection.

Pricing Issue of XLned

XLned offers five different packages. These packages are XL Lite, XL Small, XL Basic, XL Plus and XL Gold. With XL Lite, you can get 2.5 Mbit speed with 2 connections. This can be purchased at the price of 2.99 Euro/month for a monthly package. The XL Gold package is available with the speed of 120 Mbit with 12 connections. In the monthly package of this, you need to pay only 9.99 Euro/month. For yearly license of this package, the users will ask only 7.39 Euro in each month.