WPML Review, Check Pricing for the WordPress Plugin

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For managing the multilingual sites under the WordPress platform, WPML is a reliable platform. This is used as a plugin for the WordPress section. By using this plugin, the users can easily maintain the task of building any multilingual site in a quick process. Besides, the running process can also be handled through this solution in an effective manner. In fact; it holds all the powerful activities by which the corporate sites, blogs and the personal sites can be built up.

The overview on WPML

The main task of WPML plugin is to translate the needed posts, pages, custom types, menus, taxonomy and the theme’s text in a quick process. To assure the corresponding task, it uses all the needed functions and the tools. The theme or the plugin that uses the WordPress based API is capable of running with WPML.


The Features Included

Multiple Languages: This plugin is affordable both for the Multilingual CMS and Multilingual Blog versions. This makes it easy to run almost any type of multilingual website with the single WordPress installation process. From this section, you can easily pick up the language for the site. After that, you will be able to start the translation process of the available contents. With the default installation process, you will get almost 40 languages and here you can add the own languages in comparing with the demand. It offers the way to arrange various types of language based contents under the same domain.

Powerful translation management system: The effective translation management system is an essential condition under this solution and it maintains through this solution with the user’s demand. This management system can be integrated with the translation services.

Multilingual ecommerce: To build up and run the multilingual based ecommerce sites, this plugin is very effective. It assures the system to manage the available products, pricing condition, promotion system and other services. It uses the suggestion system in the translation section.

Other facilities: To edit the PO files, it offers the helpful conditions and it also covers the activities of uploading the MO files. The translation process of the needed text into other plugin can manage through this solution.

The Packages and Their Prices

WPML provides three packages with the variations of the facilities and the conditions. These packages are: Multilingual Blog, Multilingual CMS and Multilingual CMS Lifetime. The Multilingual Blog package offers the limited features and some user friendly conditions. This package can be purchased through the price of $29. Multilingual CMS is valid with the pricing condition of $79 and this is the post popular package. For the professional using policy, Multilingual CMS Lifetime can be used and its price is only $195.