WPCasa Framework & Theme Review : Get Amazing Pricing

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WPCasa has achieved huge popularity by providing the WPCasa Framework but the child themes of this company are also very much popular. If you are looking for establishing real time websites from the WordPress then the WPCasa Framework can be a perfect solution for you. This framework will let you create and customize your real estate websites easily. To create such websites more easily, you can use the child themes of WPCasa.


Features and Overview of the Products of WPCasa

Though there are many child themes of WPCasa are available, you must have the WPCasa Framework to use any of the child themes. This framework is very much easy to install. Just like a normal WordPress theme you will be able to install this to the WordPress.

Once this framework is installed, it can be used for customizing different contents of the websites very easily. You can add different types of images, property maps and description about the property or estates you want to promote or sell. When you will promote any property, the edit bar provided by the WPCasa Framework can be used for specifying the sizes of that.

Pricing Options of WPCasa Framework

If you choose the basic plan of this framework, then you will get free future updates, but you will not be able to use the Photoshop files. To use the Photoshop files, you can choose the Developer package of the WPCasa Framework. The basic package can be purchased by €59 and the price of the Developer pack is €69 as of 26 August 2014. No child theme is included with either pack of WPCasa Framework. The customers of this product will be able to access the customer support center all the times.

Different Child Themes of WPCasa

One of the popular themes of the WPCasa is the Marbella v1.0. This child theme is very much customizable and that is why you will be able to use this to create different types of websites very easily. It will let you include the custom header image to the targeted website. After purchasing this product separately, you will be allowed this to unlimited number of sites.

Actually, all the child themes can be used in the unlimited websites. Another very popular theme is the Penthouse v1.2.1 which can be used for creating very attractive real estate websites. Very large images and customizable colors can be added to the website after installing this theme there.

CasaNova v1.2.1 is another theme of the WPCasa which can be used for creating the real estate websites. Clean professional look is the main attraction of this product. The price of each child theme is €19 and if you want to buy the WPCasa Framework with any child theme then you have to spend €69 (the prices are as per 26 August 2014).