WP101 Plugin Discount & Coupon on Purchase

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Get $10 cash back through PayPal for purchasing any license of WP101 plugin or any course.

To have this cash back discount, click through above link and select any WP101 course (or if you are looking for the plugin purchase, then scroll in the bottom and go through the link for WP101 plugin website).

After making purchase, refer to the image below to get the details.

WP101 Plugin Discount

Actually, the cash back is chosen as an alternative of the WP101 Plugin discount, since no other coupon is available here.

WP101 Plugin Reviews and Features

In the web industry, WordPress is a common and flexible one platform to the web developers. In the WordPress sites, many types of plugin and the themes can be applied to make the corresponding changes. Under the WordPress section, WP101 Plugin is an exceptional one for the users. This plugin assures the way to teach the clients about the WordPress basics. It saves the time of the users and it offers the systematic functions to assure the video posting method in the client’s directory in an automatic system. So having referred to above WP101 plugin coupon, you can basically have some discount when purchase.

The Video Series

It applies the users to manage the needed post or the pages controlling system. Besides, post format activity, category formation, page formation can also be managed through this. WP101 plugin offers the suggestion in media library section, widget using section, new user adding process, needed tool applying process and so on. Moreover, in the SEO section, it also offers some supportive lesions like page analysis system, general settings, title and metas controlling terms, social setting, and redirect manager.

How to start with this?

The first level starts with the subscription keys. After making the subscription, you can ask for the needed API keys. Then, you need to install this plugin and there you have to put down the API key. Then, you need to choose the needed video files which will be provided to the client’s dashboard. You can add own custom based video files. Now, the clients will be able to watch the video tutorial from the dashboard section.

Available features included by WP101 Plugin: In the video adding process, the custom based selection process can be applied. You can easily show any specific video or hide any video item. Moreover, the adding process of custom videos can be managed easily. Moreover, it is compatible with other plugin developed for the WordPress section. All the video under this are developed with the professional level contents and the information. The streaming process of the video files from the cloud section can be ensured here.

Available Packages and Discount

WP101 Plugin issues three packages and these packages are: Freelancer Monthly Plan, Freelancer Annual Plan and Enterprise Plan. All these plans can be used freely through the trial version and the trial version will be expired after 14 days. The first two packages are valid for the small teams and the individual users. The Enterprise plan is applicable in the large companies. All the plans include automatic up-gradation procedure. Without discount coupon, for the Monthly plan, $24/month is needed. By issuing $240/year, you can use the Annual plan. In the case of Enterprise Plan, you need to pay only $249/month.

So please have the WP101 plugin discount with special cash back. This coupon will provide reduced pricing whether purchasing any plugin license or course.