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Review of The Work Examiner

When you will run any organization, you will need to manage many employees. It is not realistic you can monitor each of the monitors with your own all the times. But it is very important to track their activities during the working hours. The employee monitoring solutions are there to help you in this task. As there are so many such solutions, you can be confused while selecting any of those. One of the best options can be the Work Examiner. This impressive product is completely affordable and full of features. If the review of this impressed you, then purchase it from here with our discount coupon service. To obtain the coupon on Work Examiner, there is no need of disocunt code. Some of the main features of this product are:

Web Tracking and Filtering

This product will help you to create whitelist of the websites. The employees will be allowed to visit only those websites during the working hours. For each of the departments of your organization, you can create separate whitelist. Refreshment of the employees is also very much important. That is why you can offer free web surfing facilities for them for a specific time in a day. Work Examiner will let you the default redirected page. When any employee will try to visit denied pages, they will be redirected to the default page. The web tracking features of the Work Examiner are very powerful too. Complete internet usage reports of all the employees will be tracked by this product. Like the other tools, it will provide you the web surfing histories of them. In addition, it will also let you know about the downloaded files of the users. It will help you to categorize the searched websites. After that, you will be able to know which types of sites have been searched most.

Powerful Screen Capturing

Screen capturing capability of the Work Examiner is very impressive. Surveillance mode for multiple PCs is included in this product. That is why it can capture the screenshots of multiples PCs at a time. It will work when the PC is in working mode. During the idle period, it will not capture anything. Very quickly it can detect which apps are running on the targeted device. The Work Examiner can also detect the active time of each of the computers of the organization.

Reasonable Pricing Plans

Both the Standard and Professional editions of the Work Examiner can be purchased by same pricing. To get one unit of this product, the price will only be $60 as per this post writing time. But in most of the cases, you will need multiple licenses of this product. If you get 20 units of it, the total cost will only by $900. This is the pricing without the discount. That means the unit costs will be reduced to only 45 USD in this case. The good news for the customers is, after purchasing, the license can be used for lifetime. But you will get only one year supports and updates.

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