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WP Event Organiser Plugin Coupon

WordPress Event Organiser Reviews

WordPress CMS has achieved huge popularity all over the world due to several reasons. One of the most important benefits is those sites are very much flexible. By using a theme you can convert a normal site into your desired one. And most importantly thousands and thousands of plugins are there to enhance the features of the WordPress sites. You can provide a complete event management feature to your website with the help of simple plugin. The name of that tool is the WP Event Organiser. Purchase the popular WP Event Organiser Plugin by paying less with the coupon offer. In this short review, the pricing and features of this product have been mentioned.

Advanced Booking Configuration

Direct booking options and booking form both are offered by the Event Organiser Pro. You can easily set the payment method for the booking. In that tab you have to set several things. For example, you have to put the currency symbol, position and other details should be inserted. PayPal integration can be done to those tabs. There are only a few plugins which support the offline payments. WP Event Organiser is one of those. It can also deal with the pending and available selling tickets. As the admin, you will get the power to send emails to the bookies. You don’t have to face problem to manage all the bookings. Just from the admin pages, you will be able to manage those. Avail the excellent functionalities with the WP Event Organiser Plugin discount.

Very High Flexibility

The Event Organiser has achieved a large amount of popularity due to several reasons. One of the main reasons is the flexibility. All the times all the tickets will not be available. So it is very important to specify the availability time of the tickets. This plugin will let you do so very easily. For each of the venues you can attack the featured image. Event searching option offered by the WP Event Organiser is very much effective. Searching can be done by categories. Before searching the desired venues can also be specified. For those venues, you can add various custom data.

Supports and Tutorials and Coupon

The licensed users will get top quality supports and tutorial facilities from the team of WP Event Organiser. So the pricing of the licenses should be considered. As of 19 June 2015 the price of the Personal License is only £40 excluding the coupon. If you get this then you will get the updates as well as supports for one site only. Similarly for 5 or 10 sites, you can get Business or Developer licenses for £80 or £120 respectively. The support team for the Event Organiser Pro is very much friendly and they provide priority support to the customers. Automatic Updates will be offered to you regularly. Code snippets will be very much helpful to you for several purposes. The license holder will also get those with so much informative tutorials.

If the features of WP Event Organiser Plugin impressed you, then purchase it with the discount. Enjoy the WP Event Organiser Plugin coupon in 2016.