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Get 15% cash rebate after purchasing WishList Member software with above link. This flat 15% cash rebate will be provided as WishList Member discount for purchasing any Single Site and Multi Site license. Please get the following instructions to claim the same.

WishList Member Cash

Additional coupon code for this Membership Site Software is not needed.

WishList Member Review

Web sites are used for the communication and various information is found here. So they are very important for us. They are the wonderful creations of the modern science. They are found in the internet system. They are made by plugin WordPress. There are found many products which are used for the websites. Some web sites provide information only for their customers. And to create the membership sites, various tools are needed. Among them, WishList Member is very popular to the customer. It is very reliable. There is WishList Member discount available, the details for the coupon is mentioned.

The Membership Site Software

Powerful WishList Member is used for the solution of the membership sites. WordPress sites are easily turned into such sites within very short time. It works as special software containing available extension. Such sites made by the product are full- blown. Almost more than 58,325 people are dependent on the product with trust. The content of the customer is also protected by the product very quickly. It can contain lower price rate than others. Normally without promo and discount, For the multi-site license price is about $297. This price is required for the whole year. And WishList Member can be upgraded after a fixed time. Here easy functions are found for the easy use of the customer.

WishList Member works not only for the membership site, but also for the protection and management the such sites. Various types of level of the membership are also found here such as gold, silver, and platinum. And higher level is also found here for the access of the customer. These levels may be free, trial or paid. Combinations of three are also found here. Central download location is created here with the access of all members which is granted by the product.

The Colorful Features

Management- the whole management system which is provided by the WishList Member is very easy and simple for the customer. Sites can be viewed by the customer easily and quickly. Registration status, various levels and others related programs are upgraded here easily. Membership can also be deleted from the product properly.

Integration- WishList Member has the power of integration. Existing WordPress sites are integrated here. For this reason it works as like as a bridge. By uploading unzip files, the program is activated. Various shopping cart systems such as PayPal, ClickBank, etc. are also integrated here easily.

Content control- contents of the web sites are also controlled by the WishList Member. Different types of content which can attract the customer easily are also added by the product. The contents are also delivered here keeping the sequence of the level. It is started from the silver level. Exclusive content can be hid here for the special and particular customer.

Pricing and Discount Coupon

There is only one time pricing, instead of monthly fees. The single site license and multi site license both costs respectively $197 and $297 each. So have the WishList Member coupon and get the membership site software at the discount price.