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Get 10% cash rebate as an alternative of Wing FTP Server discount. As we are unable to provide any coupon code at this moment, we guarantee the 10% cash rebate on the total order you made on any license.

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Wing FTP Server

Summary of the Products

For secured and fast file transfer you have to choose such FTP server which maintains the protocols perfectly. It is not so difficult to find such companies which offer this type of products. But all of those cannot be recommended because of low features and high prices. In that case, Wing FTP Server can be what you are looking for. Various editions and licenses of it are available at affordable prices. There is also coupon on Wing FTP Server in the form of discount coupon.

There are different types of license:

Wing FTP Server for Windows

Wing FTP Server for Mac

Wing FTP Server for Linux

Wing FTP Server for Solaris

Wing FTP Server Review and Features

They are full of so many important features. No matter which license of it you will buy, there will be some common features. You may love to use specific operating system. Now you can get server operated by your favorite one. For different platform such as Windows, Mac OSX, Solaris and Linux are available for this product. Supported protocols are also needed to be considered. Wing FTP Servers can work with FTP, HTTP and SFTP etc. servers. It is very important to take into account the administrative console of such product. In the case of this one, you will get an online based panel. So you can customize the setting anytime you need. You will get the Lua Script Tasks for completing different jobs by schedule. Monitoring the server is very much important. That is why Wing FTP Server offers completely real time monitoring system. You don’t have to worry to zip or unzip the selected files. These tasks can be done on the servers directly. While compressing the data, you don’t have to wait much.

Wing FTP Server Coupon

Complete Editions Comparison

No matter which platform you will choose, there are three different versions of that. The Standard Edition has come with lifetime support and 2 year upgrades. This is for unlimited domains and for each domain 100 accounts can be used. Concurrent accounts of number 50 can also be used by the customers of this license. Another one is the Secure Edition, which is for 200 user accounts and 100 concurrent accounts per domain. FTPS, SFTP and HTTPS support is another biggest advantage of this product of Wing FTP Server. Corporate Edition users will get more features and benefits including all of those of the Secure version. They can use unlimited number of users and concurrent accounts for each domain. Event management and LDAP authentication are included in this one.

Attractive Pricing and Coupon

Single, multiple and site licenses can be purchased for Wing FTP Server. Here single licenses are mentioned for each of the editions. Suppose you need to get the Standard version of it. In that case you have to pay $199 only without the coupon code. As of 23 April 2015, the prices of the Secure and Corporate single license are $459 and $899. It can be seen that the fees vary for different platforms. But it’s the case of Wing FTP Server, prices do not vary for different platforms.

So have the Wing FTP Server coupon and get the promo on Windows, Linux and any other license purchase.