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Wind Mend Data Recovery can be very crucial software for the users in the market. Now a day’s data recovery is one of the first priority in the market. The world has become digitalized and to get up to date everyone keeps everything in their storage data. To ensure the data safe and sound all need some soothing solution for it. Therefore to decrease all the hard times people get to recover data Wind Mend Data Recovery is giving all one of the best way to recover data.

Wind Mend Data Recovery Review

Wind Mend Data Recovery actually recovers data windows based data. It can recover data FAT16/FAT12/FAT36/NTFS / NTFS 5. It can be used both in internal and external drives to scan data and find out the missing files and recover it to the previous shape of the data Therefore , this software is the complete package of  recovering the data . This software does everything in total safe condition without getting any harm done.

Winmend Data Recovery

Highlights of the Amenities

This software has many amenities.  Wind Mend Data Recovery has the amenities of quick scan. It scans the data quickly and recover file as soon as possible. The software can recover mostly deleted data within few moments. It saves a lot of times of the user. Wind Mend Data Recovery has very strong engine. If in any cases the missing file is not found by quick scan the user may try full scan feature. It takes a while but scans each and everything in the drive and finds out he missing file and recover.

This software does not take too much time in full scan because this software has a very high speed. Wind Mend Data Recovery has a really unique feature which can un-format a drive. If in case the drive is formatted and user does not files data which might be in that drive they can easily unformatted the whole drive. By doing this user can look in unformatted drive and find out his or her file from it.

Safe File Recovery

Wind Mend Data Recovery gives the first priority to its customers. Therefore, it offers safe data recovery. It ensures the safe recovery of the files. This software never overwrites a file in the process. Therefore the risk of getting current file getting damaged is zero percent.

Pricing Structure of the Software

Wind mend Data Recovery has mind blowing pricing structure. Wind Mend Data Recovery is purchasable in a very cheap price because it also consider customer’s sentiment when it comes to pricing. This software for one subscription of computer, customer can purchase it only for $19.95 dollars. Purchase may wish to pay only one extra dollar for purchasing the subscriptions for two computers.