WHMCS Review: Get a Cool Pricing

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WHMCS is considered as a leading one web hosting solution with the automation process. To sell the web hosting and the related terms, it offers the needed activities. This platform started its activities almost in 2005. Within this time, it has placed itself into the topmost billing solution for the web hosting section.

WHMCS Review

WHMCS offers the needed facilities with the professional level like automation process, the recurring billing process, invoicing process, customer management, domain management etc.

Available features fulfilled Here

Billing Features: Within billing term, the first one feature is the professional looking invoice and this can be sent to the client easily. Here, the PDF versions have been attached to the notification process. Due to this facility, the clients don’t need to visit the corresponding site for viewing the bills. Besides, the invoices are managed with the best custom mood while using the supportive templates. Within this section, you will be able to arrange multiple currencies inside every bill. The credit system affords the users to deposit the funds and the account can easily be tracked down at any time. Here, automatic reminder system can be integrated quite simply.

Automation: Inside this term, there is the possibility to get a huge automation. WHMCS is able to set up the automation process, password changing system, welcome email sending process and other issues. All of these activities can be placed on a single platform through this.

Products/Ordering: To convert the viewers into the customers, WHMCS affords the needed functions. In fact; this a key one condition almost for any site. Here, the default shopping cart system is integrated by which the clients can order for any product quite easily. With the use of product bundle, you will be able to group the available products by depending on various issues. Besides, WHMCS also includes some more features within this category like custom filed, stock management system, welcome emails, promotions etc.

Additional Issue: WHMCS offers some more features like reporting system, security system etc. The reporting system is developed by depending on every transaction. If any user wants, then s/he can view the reports in the graphical format. Besides, some custom tools, security system logic are also offered here.

Pricing Issue inside WHMCS

WHMCS offers four different packages. These packages are Monthly Branded, Monthly No Branding, One Time Branded and One Time No Branding. The Monthly Branding package is available with the price of the $15.95/month condition. In case of getting Monthly No Branding package, you need to pay only $18.95/month. For the package of One Time Branded and One Time No Branding, you need to pay $249.95 and $324.95 sequentially. All of these packages offer unlimited clients, staffs, ticketing, and products using policies.