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Website Auditor Discount

Search Engine Optimization is very commonly used procedure for ensuring good position and rank of any site. Freelance workers of huge number are waiting for doing this task to the client websites. You can do this easily by using different tools. Website Auditor is a helpful tool for this purpose.

Website Auditor – Efficient Webpage Optimizer

For solving different issues it is very important the first important thing is to detect the main problems. Suppose you want to increase the rank of any site. The first thing must be known is the reasons for which it has not get good rank. Actually the Website Auditor will let you do so. That means this tool will help you to make your site of very good quality. And as everyone knows, Google will not give low rank to the high quality websites. The main features and specifications of this product are:

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Detects all the Errors

For finding out the faults or errors, it will follow different steps. It is very important to monitor the whole structure of the targeted site. That is how you can analyze the issues which are needed to be solved. Website Auditor can be used to detect the structure. You can take into account every page of your site separately. Now let’s see which types of issues can be present in the page architecture. There can be broken links and meta-keyword errors. This product of Link-Assistant will let you detect those. You can analyze things like code and page sizes, external and Nofollow links, ranks of the pages, etc. Ranking factor for the domain will be described to you by this solution perfectly.

Robot.txt File

This task can be done very few software or tools without the Link Assistant Website Auditor. It can set up the Robot.txt for your site. By this manner, you can force the search engine to crawl the contents of your site by the way you want. You may want to show only the chosen contents to the search engines and hide the others. This product will help you to show and hide those things very efficiently. The Website Auditor has the capability to deal with more than seven hundred search engines. It will make every page of your site perfectly optimized.

Multi-Platform Support and Pricing

Some software or tools can be used in the Windows system and some support multiple systems. The Website Auditor can be installed in the computer where any of the Windows, Linux or Mac OS is installed. As per this review writing time, without discount coupon, the prices of the Pro and Enterprise editions of this are $124.75 and $299.75. If you want to use this product personally then the Pro edition is perfect for you. But for the SEO Agencies or group or workers, the Website Auditor Enterprise edition is suitable.

So if there is any problem having above Website Auditor discount, please contact with the contact form. The coupon will be provided with the discounted price as mentioned in the beginning.