Webhostforasp Solution Pricing : Get an Exclusive Reviews

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The Webhostforasp is such hosting provider company which offers various types of Windows hosting as well as asp.net hosting. All the hosting solutions of this company are very much advanced and full of very useful features. Due to some exclusive features and advantages, the price of the plans of different types of hosting is little high but reasonable. So if you want to get high quality hosting solutions then you can rely on the Webhostforasp.

Webhostforasp Review

This company offers three plans for the Windows shared hosting with the Asp.net hosting. Amazing thing is, with every plan of the shared hosting of this company, this company provides the money back guarantee.

Windows Shared Hosting with Asp.net Hosting

So you can be sure about the high-class facilities of the shared hosting of this company. Value plan is the light plan for the shared hosting and this plan offers 4 GB storage and 50 GB bandwidth. Website builder tools are not available with this plan but it supports unlimited domains and sub-domains. If you want to get the website builder tools then you have to choose one of the other two plans which are the Premier plan and the Professional plan. The Premium plan will let you use 8 GB storage with 200 GB bandwidth. That means this plan is for the medium websites. Similar to the Value plan, unlimited domains and sub-domains are supported by this plan also. To get 16 GB space and 500 GB bandwidth with static IP you can choose the Professional plan of the shared hosting of the Webhostforasp Company.

The Virtual Private Server Hosting

If you get the virtual private server hosting of this company then you will be allowed to provide hosting facilities to other clients. This company provides high uptime guarantee and customer supports all the times to the customers of the VPS hosting. The Basic and Medium plan of this company offers single core CPU, whereas, the Premium plan offers dual-core CPU. These three packages include 512 MB, 1 GB, and 2 GB RAMs respectively. The Basic plan includes 1 dedicated IP and the other two plans offer 2 dedicated IPs each. You will able to get 25 GB to 100 GB storages with 150 GB to 500 GB bandwidths by selecting the desired plan of the VPS hosting of the Webhostforasp hosting provider.

Efficient Windows Reseller Hosting

Do you want to become the hosting provider for another client? If your answer is yes then you can choose the Windows Reseller Hosting of the Webhostforasp Company. With the advanced control panel, you will be able to manage and lease your server to the others. You will get the power to remove or add clients to your server anytime. This company offers 4 different plans for reseller hosting and those plans will let you provide hosting to 10 to 40 clients.