WebFaction Hosting Facilities Review : Get Awesome Pricing

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It is not difficult to find the reliable web hosting providing companies. Almost all of those companies offers the hosting facilities for all types of websites. Fact is, only few of those offers that only for the developers. But still it is not heart breaking for the developers because the WebFaction is there.


Review and Features of WebFaction

This hosting providing companies offers very powerful hosting facility for the developer. It actually has included all the features which can be necessary for such service. In this short review, all the features of this service have been highlighted. Let’s have a look at those:

Top Quality Server

Very powerful servers and world class datacenters are the main reason why the WebFaction hosting is very efficient. The CentOS operating system is installed in the servers with some other necessary tools. For managing the servers, the team of this company will always monitor the performance of the servers. And they will always patch and back up those depending on necessity.

And the security of the servers will also be monitored by the WebFaction team regularly. As the honorable customer, you will get 24/7 service from the service team of this developer hosting providing company.

Different Pricing Plans

There are plenty of plans of the WebFaction hosting service. Among all those plans, one plan is shared server based and the others are cloud based. The Shared Plan includes 1 GB of RAM and 100 GB storage. The CPU clock speed for this packages is 3.5 GHz and it has 1 TB bandwidth. As per this post writing time, the price of this pack is only $10 per month. The Cloud 2GB Package is another impressive one which has come with 2 GB RAM and 15 GB storage.

For enjoying this WebFaction Plan, you just have to pay $20 for one month. There are some other plans. But among those the largest one is the Cloud 24GB which has obviously 24 GB RAM and 360 GB storage. To enjoy this for one month, you have to pay 240 USD per month. Comparing with the features, it can be said that, the pricing and plans offered by this company are very impressive.

Email and DNS Hosting

With some common features of web hosting, this company also offers powerful email and DBS hosting. The email hosting facility has come with the spam filtering, protected POP and other facilities. And the database hosting of WebFaction can deal with both the MySQL and PostgreSQL.

For managing the emails, DNS and database hosting, you don’t have to face so much difficulties. From the secured control panel, you will be able to do all those very easily. From that control panel of WebFaction, you can also install all the necessary app very easily. The full shell access feature will also help you for these tasks.