Web Page Maker Coupon, Get Discount and Review

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Web Page Maker coupon

Web Page Maker Review

Years before it was mandatory to know the HTML coding to create web pages. But in this era of modern technology, those can be created without coding knowledge. Several options are there which can be used for editing and publishing the web pages. But I prefer the Web Page Maker. Three main reasons are there why I choose this one. More importantly, this product is very efficient. Secondly, it is very easy to use. And thirdly, the price of this one is completely affordable. So hope you like above Web Page Maker coupon and promotion. The features of this tool are as follows:

Impressive WYSIWYG Layout

The drag and drop type layout this product is one of the biggest advantages. It will let you see instantly what the impacts on the sites are for the changes you make.  For using this web page generator tool, you don’t have to get ideas about HTML or other coding. Even it is not required to have any kind of web experience. There are some tools which can create the websites only of a few pages. But the Web Page Maker can make such websites which have a large number of pages. It will also help you to manage the sites with ease. You will also get the power of controlling the text appearance of the pages. For doing so, the CSS style sheet can be used. Website preview option is another good advantage of the Web Page maker. That means it will let you preview the pages on any browser you like.

Some New Features

The basic features of this product have been mentioned above. Now it’s time to mention some new features of the Web Page Maker. For some position of the pages, extra HTML code can be included with this tool. Sometimes, top quality shape images can be necessary to export. This tool will let you do so. There are very few tools which can generate xml sitemap. This product is one of those. For every website, there can be various numbers of pages. The properties of one page can be applied to all of them with the help of Web Page Maker v 3.22. This product is perfectly compatible with the Windows 8, 7, XP and Vista.

Attractive Pricing and Coupon

You will be happy to know the price of this product is very cheap. The license cost of this is only $49, without the coupon code, as per the date of writing this post. Before paying this registration fee, you can use the trial version of it for 15 days. After purchasing the Web Page Maker, you don’t have to purchase additional web templates. Several numbers of templates have been added to this. This product provides various functions. It can deal with rollover images and slideshows. To your pages, you can publish several videos and audios. The Web Page Maker has provided one of the easiest ways to publishing the websites.

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