Web Dictate Internet Dictation Software Coupon and Discount

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Purchase with Web Dictate Internet Dictation Software coupon. This coupon will be provided as 15% cash back.

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Web Dictate Internet Dictation Software Coupon

Web Dictate Internet Dictation Software Review

Each of the products of the NCH Software is very much useful and rear. One of the finest products of this brand is the Web Dictate Internet Dictation Software. It can be considered as the top internet dictation system. In some large organization the official computers are not allowed to travel with. So sending the dictation from the web browser is impossible without internet dictation system. This product of NCH Software can be a great choice for this field. In this small review, the main features and facilities of this product have been highlighted. Enjoy the benefits of all the facilities of Web Dictate with the coupon offer. Let’s have a look at that:

Easy & Intuitive Interface

The user friendly interface is very important for any kind of software because of managing that very easily. The Web Dictate Internet Dictation Software has completely intuitive interface. That is why, new users will learn to use this software in quick time. This tool can be used for recording from any kind of Java enabled web browser. That browser can be for Windows or Mac OS X platforms. Another very important thing is, you can purchase this software for single user or for thousands of users. You will face no problem to install this product and new users for accessing it. At the same time of recording, this product will let you edit and play the dictations. For managing the dictations, you just have to use the internet connection and browser. The recordings can be saved as various useful formats. So, purchase this well reputed product with our Web Dictate Internet Dictation Software discount.

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Different Pricing Plans and Coupon

For all the products of the NCH Software, there are different pricing plans. For the Web Dictate Internet Dictation Software, there are four different plans. The Professional Single User plan of this product is available for $49.99 only. This same license is also available for the educational institute as the Academic Single User license. As per this post writing time, the price of this license is only $39.95 excluding the coupon. With very strong encrypted sending facility. The Web Dictate Medical Legal User license is available. The price of this one is only 59.99 USD. And the Site License of it can be purchased by 639.99 USD. This one is perfect for unlimited number of users.

Some Administrative Features

You will get the power to customize everything with the help of Web Dictate. Though it can be accessed by so many users, you can set a separate profile for each of the users. Most important thing is, each of the users will be allowed to save their files on their servers. Sometimes, the recordings should be sent to the recipients. This software will help you to send those via emails. The protection of the files is very important because those can have so many important information. That is why the Web Dictate offers the password protection facility for the recordings.

In conclusion, the discount on Web Dictate Internet Dictation Software is an opportunity for you to buy this good software at a much price. If you have any confusion regarding the Web Dictate Internet Dictation Software coupon, please contact us.