VMWare Pricing | Check Review for Desktop Virtualization App

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At the end of 2014, new version of the VMware Player has been released. Each of the versions of this product was appreciated. If you know about the products of VMware then you must know that this is a desktop virtualization app.

Newly Released VMware Player 7 Pro

You can run this software on multiple operation systems and no rebooting is required for that. The most important thing about the VMware Player 7 Pro is you can use this for commercial purposes. There are many other important things about this to describe. Some of those are:


Comfortable to Use

This new version is perfectly suitable for the IT professionals. It can be easily installed on the corporate desktop. As it can work with multiple operating system on a same machine, the users of the desktop will get comfort. Another thing about this application will impress you and that is the attractive interface. Unnecessary things have been removed from the interface to make that simple and smart. For personal and corporate users, you will need to exchange the data from your computer to VMs. VMware Player Pro will let you do that with ease. You can use this to manage the virtual machine of Windows or Mac OS without problems. So you don’t have worry to handover your computer to your employee if you have this application.

The Ultimate Compatibility

In many cases, you may need to work with the known and guest operating systems. With ordinary desktop virtualization applications you won’t be able to work with all of those. The Player Pro has compatibility problem with various guest operation system. No matter those are new or old, it supports all of those. That is why you will face no problem to install and manage various apps to the virtual machines. You will get complete desktop environment while using the virtual machine. You can install the application that you have in your desktop to those machines. VMware offers some products which can create restricted VMs. If you want to run those then you will be able to do that with the Player Pro. For the consolidation of the old computers, this product is also very much effective.

Best for Many Professionals

We have mentioned above that the VMware Player Pro is very much helpful for the IT professionals. They can use this product to deliver virtual computer to the employees and workers. This desktop virtualization application is also suitable for the other professionals. The professors can use this product to offer the students the virtual desktops. The students will feel comfortable to work with the favorite working environment. And of course, this app is perfect personal uses. To get this innovative product, you have to pay only $119.99. This price has been mentioned according to 24 February 2015.