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VMware Coupon Code

Highlights of VMware Fusion 7 Pro

The Company has achieved huge acceptance to the computer users by providing virtualization products. Some products of this company were highly popular and that is upgrades of those have been offered. The Fusion 7 Pro is the latest upgrade of this virtualization software of this company. If you want to run the Windows applications to the Mac, get help from this product. From this article, you will be able to know the advantages of this amazing product of VMware. Also get above VMware coupon code price and have the discount.

Many Important Features

As this software offers the virtual machine, it is very important to consider how powerful that machine is. It actually offers very advanced machine with 8TB disk space and 64GB RAM. To run all the application to the virtual environment, powerful machine is needed. So VMware Fusion Pro offers just what needed. 2GB Video memory and very high graphic configuration is also the advantages of this software. It is also optimized for the Retina Display. So if your device has the Retina Display facility then you can also use the Widows machine with this facility. You will get the power to choose the best GPU for running the heavy applications. This amazing software will take minimum charge from your Mac and it has the App Nap support.

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Comparison to Other Versions

You should know one thing that why you will choose this version instead of others. There are so many reasons to be fact. Its efficiency is at least 40% higher than the older versions. It has the iSight support which is one of the innovative features. It is very much effective for accessing and downloading the VMs to ESXi or vSphere. Its virtual network editor will impress you a lot. You can set up restrictions to the virtual machines. Sometimes, it is very important to use various hot keys for the machines. The VMware Fusion Pro will let you do so. To export the OVFs, this product is very efficient. So you don’t have to depend on the command lines for exporting the targeted virtual machine. Most importantly, it is very much helpful for handling the VMs remotely.

Pricing and Coupons

To use the VMware Fusion Pro, you must have a 64 bit machine. It can work with the older and latest processors very nicely. Minimum 750MB free space is necessary for this product. For the best performance you have to use 4GB RAM though 2GB of that can be used. One of the biggest advantages is it supports the OS X Yosemite. It has the newer editions of Mac OS X compatibility. When you will purchase this product, you will be allowed to use the McAfee Antivirus Plus for 3 months. For one and half years you will get the email supports. To use Fusion Pro with more comfort, you can watch the preloaded video tutorials. As per the time when this review was written its price was $119.99 only.

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