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VitaScene Features and Review

There are so many impressive video editing solutions with which you can create stunning videos. But sometimes, the professionals miss the unique effects which can make the videos even more amazing. If you are also missing such effects and mood filters, then I can suggest you the VitaScene. Mainly this product has two different versions. One of those is the LE version and the other one is Pro version. Both of these have some similarities and dissimilarities in features and pricing. VitaScene can be purchased at a lower pricing with the coupon. Just proceed according to the image instructions and enjoy the proDAD VitaScene discount. Let’s have a look at the main features of these:

The Core Features

No matter you are a new user or old, VitaScene will not make you disappointed. You will be able to handle this highly customizable tool very easily. Different types of effects and modes have been included in both the editions. And you will be allowed to create new modes as per necessity. Optimization of color, brightness, contrast and focus can be done by this software very easily. And VitaScene can work with some amazing plugins. Some of those are the Adobe, Sony, and Corel plugins. This software also supports the key frames. It will help you to make the broadcasts attractive by the amazing light beams, reflections and glowing.

Advantages of Pro Edition

The features mentioned above are available in both the LE and Pro editions of VitaScene. But there are some additional features in the Pro Edition of this product. For an example, detail setting for each of the effects has been included in this advanced product. One of the most amazing things about the Pro edition is, this product offers total 600 different effects. These effects have the ability to make your broadcast very amazing. The LE edition has come with some useful plugins. But that will not support the Pinnacle Studio and Magic VDL plugins. But the VitaScene Pro will offer you those very useful plugins. So it can be said that, the Pro edition is highly recommended for the professionals.

Pricing and Coupon of the Editions

Pricing of the VitaScene LE and Pro editions is undoubtedly very much amazing. As the LE Version of this product only offers the basic features, the price of this one is only 149 USD excluding the coupon. It can be a great choice for the newcomers. But the professionals can use the Pro Edition of this powerful effect and mood filtering software. As of the date of creating this post, the license price of this product is only 499 USD. There are some impressive upgrading options too. If you have the VitaScene LE version 1, you can upgrade that to LE version 2 by paying just 59 USD. Similarly, for the Pro version 1, you can pay just 99 USD to upgrade to Pro version 2. That means, this software is perfect for all the new and old customers.

So, take the opportunity of using the discount on VitaScene while making the purchase. We believe that you will enjoy the VitaScene coupon.