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While dealing with the Delphi and C++ builder, sometimes you may need to extend the data processing capabilities. And for doing so, you need to take help from various components. But it is tough to find out single product which has all those necessary components. Devart is a popular software company and it offers a product that can be recommended for this field. The name of that product is the Virtual Data Access Components or VirtualDAC.

Virtual Data Access Components Review

This product is the combination of all the components that can be used for extending the data extending capabilities. So you will be able to work with Delphi and C++ builder more efficiently. The top features of this product are:


Some Necessary Components

Actually, VirutalDAC is the combination of three different important components. First one is the TVirtualQuery. This one will help you to retrieve the data from the source. For doing so, it uses the SQL queries. That means creating the SQL queries to the in-memory data will be very easy for you. Another important component is the TVirtualTable. Some of the in-memory data storage may not have the link data files. The main task of this component is to represent those data storages very easily. And the final component of Virtual Data Access Components is the TVirtualDataSet. This one is very powerful data wrapper. It will help you to represent the arbitrary data.

Multiple Pricing Facilities

Virtual Data Access Components has various licenses. You can purchase the Standard Edition with or without the source code. If you purchase that edition without source code for single user, the price will be $79.95. As per this post writing time, prices of the Team License and Site License of that product us respectively 199.95 and 359.95 USD respectively. Similarly, you can purchase these three licenses of VirtualDAC with source code. In that case, price of the Single License of this product will be $149.95 only. For the Team License of it, you have to pay only 249.95 USD. And cost for the site license is 449.95 USD only. There are plenty of renewal and upgrade options for the old users.

Some Other Features

Actually all the features are available to the Standard Edition of Virtual Data Access Components. Some features are already mentioned. Let’s have a look at some other features which are added to this product. This product will help you to export the data to XML or ADO format. And similarly, you can import the data from such files. Very impressive property editors will impress you fully. And similarly, design-time component editor of this product is pretty amazing too. Various necessary documentation sets have been included in VirtualDAC. And before starting your project, you can see the demo project added to this solution of Devart. Express Edition of this software is also available and that is free of cost. So before purchasing the Standard Edition, you can enjoy that free edition.