Viral Video Stores Discount : Grab Excellent Coupon in 2017

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Viral Video Stores Discount

Viral Video Stores Features & Review

For making any online store popular, marketers do several things. First the website should be created and products must be added. Then reviews for those should be created and those should be shared on various other sites. After going through all these difficult stages, no one can say that their shop will be surely successful. Viral Video Store is such a platform which can do all these difficult tasks for you very easily. Besides, we are providing discount coupon on this product as we have mentioned above. To get this Viral Video Stores coupon, please follow the instructions given in the image above. Following features and facilities are offered by this effective solution:

Easy to Setup

Creating online stores manually is very difficult and time consuming. That is why getting help from Viral Video Stores is an easy process. This product can create new store in just seconds. New store means new business. No employees will be there and no bill should be paid. Just you will keep the profit. After that, various campaigns can be created. For each campaign, different numbers of stores can be created by this tool. And for each of those, you can provide different names, logos, and customizations. Viral Video Stores offer very impressive reward point system. This one will let you offer rewards to customers who will help to promote those ecommerce stores. For getting attractive rewards, they will share links of that site to their social media and video sharing sites.

Plans and Pricing and Discount

Pricing of Viral Video Stores is another thing for which it can be recommended. Three different licenses of these are available. One of those is Basic License which is offered for only one campaign. It can be purchased by paying only $17. Premium License of this tool can also be recommended if you want to create 3 different stores. In this case, just $22.95 should be paid without the discount. But the most popular option is the Elite License. This one can be used for 10 different campaigns. And the price of this is $24 as per this post creation time. This amazing Viral Video Stores has powerful analytics feature and store name changing facility.

Some Necessary Features

Viral Video Stores has come with so many important features. One of those is site cloning facility. Sometimes, you may need to create similar site over and over again. This tool can do that. It can perfectly clone one store to create multiple ones. You just change the names of new sites and use for other campaigns. Nowadays video reviews are converting more viewers into customers. This solution will let you add so many products on online shops. And for each of those products, it will add necessary video reviews. That is why, customers will trust on those and get more products. Various videos on the same product will be provided by Viral Video Stores. You can easily pick one and even chosen one can be replaced by another later. This tool has the ability to share an ecommerce site on Facebook pages. That will also increase more customers.

Viral Video Stores is a marvelous product with a nice review. If you liked it, then purchase Viral Video Stores with the coupon. Hopefully, the Viral Video Stores discount will be liked by you.