Versa VPN Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review

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In the VPN industry, Versa VPN is a reliable platform for the users. It is providing its activities since 2010 with the user-friendly support. The users who expect the secure and fresh web browsing can depend on this platform.

Versa VPN Review

Versa VPN assures all the advanced level functionalities within the active packages. In using the VPN services, you will observe the high speed and secured function inside this. All of the packages assure the unlimited bandwidth using policy with the unlimited access policy.

Core Functions of This

Versa VPN offers three different connections. The users can access through any server provided by this platform. By depending on premium, dedicated or cloud server solution, the using policy may vary a little. After that, the port forwarding system is also available here. You can manage this system by using L2TP, PPTP or OpenVPN. Then, the secure proxy access system can be observed inside all the packages. In fact; the network of Versa VPN is managed with SSL security system having the 256-bit encryption method. From every network, you will get the fluent speed and the bandwidth using the facility. Due to this facility, the favorite TV shows, as well as the movies, can be streamed fluently by the users. Besides, Versa VPN is able to run its activities from the background section and due to this system the users can browse the internet without having any interruption.

Key Benefits offered here

DDOS protection is a needed one part under every VPN server and this policy is fully maintained inside this VPN service. To hide the real IP address with the location changing process, it affords an active tool. While using this, you can change your original country quite easily from where you are browsing. Due to the presence of 256-bit encryption process, the data passing system is kept in safe mood. In the data transfer processing, there is no chance to lose the data. To stop the phishing attack, some supportive tools and conditions are provided here. Besides, the presence of malware can easily be detected while using this VPN connection. All of these features can be gained with the systematic and simple way.

Pricing Issue of Versa VPN

In the Dedicated plan, Versa VPN offers three different packages. For a single month policy, only $15/month is needed. For single-year policy, $13.5 is needed to pay/month. In case of a 6-month package, $14/month is needed. In the Premium plan, four packages can be observed. For single month package, you need to pay only $5.50/month. For 3 month package, only $5.00/month is needed to pay. In case of using 6-month policy, $4.50/month will be asked from the users. The most popular package is the yearly package which can be gained through the $3.75/month condition.