UltraSMSScript Pricing: Get a Cool Review

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For managing the SMS based marketing activity, UltraSMSScript is a reliable solution. In the marketing section, the presence of SMS can manage a lot of profit. To handle this task with the user-friendly way, the users can rely on UltraSMSScript.

UltraSMSScript Review

UltraSMSScript program is very simple to operate. This can be installed in the corresponding web host section quite simply. This can be integrated with the white label based software section. Many reliable companies and the marketing providers are depending on this tool because of its outstanding performance. To launch the marketing campaigning process with the own message, it issues some helpful functions.

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Bulk SMS: In the managing process of SMS marketing campaign, you need to assure the bulk SMS sending process. This system is allowed in this tool. Through this marketing tool you can send out a lot of SMS to the corresponding subscribers at a time. Besides, you can also configure the needed subscribers at the sending time. In this process, there remains the best security method. Every single issue can be confirmed among the customers through this SMS marketing tool. Besides, in the bulk SMS sending process, the users can also set the time scheduling issue. Due to having this condition, any specific SMS will be sent to the subscribers on the defined time. This process can also be handled from the dashboard section.

Mobile keyword Selection: UltraSMSScript offers the users to engage the keyword marketing system. In fact; the presence of mobile keyword can ensure the effective campaigning process. To find out the best keywords with the unlimited conditions, UltraSMSScript is very supportive. With the reliable conditions, you can detect them in a quick process.

Other Active Features: the Auto responding term is essential in any marketing tool. This condition is also available in this marketing solution. At any moment, the users can set the auto responding activity. Through this logic, the return SMS will be sent to the customers as soon as it receives. Here, the picture messaging system is also integrated. Due to having this facility, the urgent message with the needed picture can be sent to the clients as well as the subscribers. This process is managed with the quick response condition.

Additional Facilities: UltraSMSScript also offers the 2-way messaging system, social networking site integration system, widget using condition, reporting system and so on.

Pricing Issue of UltraSMSScript

UltraSMSScript offers four different packages. These packages are offered with the level systems like Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4. To get Level 1 package, you need to pay only $247. For Level 2, only $347 is needed to pay. In case of getting Level 3 and Level 4, only $447 and $1447 is needed sequentially.