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The presence of the online section is considered as a blessing in these modern days. Without the effective use of the online system, we can’t manage all the tasks in the communication case. The flexible use of the communication system depends on the web section. Besides, the web industry will be incomplete without the hosting system. The hosting system is an essential condition. For assuring the activities of the hosting system, many platforms have been developed. For the hosting activities in the business section, Ultra Hosting is considered as one of the best one in this time.

Ultra Hosting and the Review

Ultra Hosting assures all the activities in the dedicated hosting services and the VPS section. It has afforded all the latest technologies to maintain the best services in the hosting section.

Ultra Hosting

Functions offered by Linux VPS

Under this package, a lot of facilities are available. You will get the option of administrator access system in various moods. Besides, the feature of Memory space, SSH access, disk space, bandwidth facility is offered 1500 GB for the package of L-50. After that, 32 bit and 64 bit systems are also available. Moreover, the database section is a needed one part. So, it has assured the MySQL database system with the 100% uptime facility.

Windows VPS: Inside the Windows VPS, there exist five various packages. These packages are W-5, W-10, W-20, W-30 and W-40. The administration access system is available for every package. In the memory section, you can get 384 Mb, 512 Mb, 768 MB, 1024 Mb and 2048 Mb sequentially. The disk space section will be allotted 40 GB for the package of W-40. After that, all the features are common for every section like DNS hosting, 32 bit/ 64 bit, My SQL processing, installation system etc. Moreover, in the bandwidth section, the users will get 200 GB, 500 GB, 1000 GB, 1500 GB and 1500 GB for the corresponding packages.

Other Additional Features

Installation System: The installation system of the corresponding package is very simple. After purchasing any specific plan, you can install it where the data sectors will be stored in a safe mood. The data centers of this platform are organized with the best architectural mood. So, there is no chance of losing any personal data from the data centers.

Supports: For managing the customer supports, this platform is very helpful. It offers all the needed tools to manage any option under any plan. The billing request and the SSL certificate option is managed in a perfect way through this. Moreover, at the case of set up time, the users don’t need to pay any additional cost to this hosting company.