Typograf Font Manager Pricing: Get a Cool Review

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In the font utility section, Typograf font manager is considered as one of the best tools. It holds all the commercial level functions. It offers the users to preview all the True Type, Open Type, PostScript Type 1 and the related terms. To display all the corresponding font properties in a complete platform, this is very much helpful for all types of users. While depending on this, you will be able to view the keyboard layout, character set, and zoom view etc. To find out the similar fonts, it allows an active tool.

Typograf Font Manager Review

In case of managing the comparing process of several fonts, some affordable options are offered here. To print out the available fonts in various ways, the users can manage the setting section quite easily. Moreover, the font management term can also be handled from the database section with the proper network configuration process.

Ability of this tool

Typograf font holds a wide range of functions as well as the features of the font managers. The main task of these features is to collect the needed fonts in case of getting the corresponding output. Besides, the activation process and the deactivation process of multiple fonts can also be handled through this at a single time. This is a suitable for the Windows platform. Almost in all Windows versions, it can run its activities quite comfortably.

Supportive issues inside this

Font Viewing system: To display all the TrueType, OpenType on the hard drive section or any specific folder, a supportive condition is offered in Typograf font manager. It holds a function to sort the fonts viewing system by depending on the name, family, type, copyright, size, date, and other formats.

Properties display: To display all the needed font properties, it offers an active tool. Under the font information, you will get the full name, family name, vendor, version, trademark, copyright and so on. Moreover, some other features are also included here like keyword layout formation; edit the font information, location path managing system and so on.

Other features: Inside the font comparison section, you will get the term to compare the related fonts by depending on the typeface classification. To find out the duplicate fonts, it uses DVD, USB flash drive etc. In the printing case of the fonts, it ensures the way to print the character set. After that, you can handle the grouping system of the needed fonts under any specific project. Inside the database section, you will observe the term to manage the available fonts with the simple database configuration process.

Pricing issue for Typograf font manager

The users can get the trial version through some limited features. In case of getting the full license, you will need to pay only $35.