Typograf Font Manager Review : Get an Amazing Pricing

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It is very easy to find the utilities for speeding up the computers or managing the registry entries. Some other types of tools are also very much available. But have you ever heard about the font utilities? Displaying and comparing the fonts, it is very important to use search tool. But the fact is rare software companies offer this kind of products.


Typograf Font Manager Review

Among the available items, the Typograf Font Manager is very impressive. This is a product of the Neuber Software Company and it is really a successful one. Here are some features and benefits, of this tool, which may convince you to buy it:

Exclusive Viewing Facilities

The Typograf Font Manager has the ability to display different types of fonts with their properties. It can show the printer and raster fonts very nicely. Similarly, it can also display the PostScript type 1, TrueType and OpenType fonts. Various fonts have come from the same family. So the family name and their own name is necessary to know. This software will show those to the users.

Other information like version, file data, Unicode char set will also be provided by the Typograf Font manager. With the help of this powerful solution, you can also edit the properties of those. It can also find out the duplicate fonts from various storages.

Amazing Pricing Options

You can purchase this product for a single computer or multiple computers. One license of it can be used only on the device, but multiple licenses can be purchased at a time. When you will purchase only one license of it, the price for you will be $35 only. This unit cost will be the same up to 9 license purchasing at the same time. But if you buy more than that then the unit price will be reduced.

For example, the unit price will be $33 only if you purchase 10 to 49 licenses of the Typograf Font Manager. According to this post writing time, for purchasing more than 400 units, you have to pay 19 USD/unit. This amazing font utility can be installed on the computers where any version of Windows OS is used.

Comparing the Fonts

Sometimes you may need to compare the fonts of similar types. The Typograf Font Manager will help you to do so. It will get into account different properties of the fonts to compare. The character width, features and file data of the fonts will be considered by this product.

It is very useful for creating the set of fonts and use those for the same project. You can also print those on A4 size paper. The character sets as well as keyboard layouts can also be printed by this. The Typograf Font Manager will force all the users of the network to use the specific font set.