Tossable Digits Review: Get an Amazing Pricing for the Software

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Tossable Digits acts as a service system by which you can acquire a virtual number. This virtual number can be used against any public phone number. It ensures customer supportive virtual phone numbers on an existing cell phone.

Tossable Digits Review

Tossable Digits facility is supportive across the whole world. With this support, you can keep your actual phone number secret. In fact; here callers won’t be able to know the real phone numbers at the time of calling. It enables two-way calling feature. This is getting more popular in this time because of its outstanding features. It doesn’t ask any limitation. That’s why; you can use them for real estate section, sales, work or ad tracking category. This facility is supportive almost in 60+ countries.

Working Process of This

The working process of Tossable Digits is very simple. Here, people will call on your virtual numbers. After that, this will forward the corresponding call to that specific user. Here, you can apply any type of phone number or cell phones. At the initial level, you can pick up that call and send it to voicemail.

Features List Available Here

Inside Tossable Digits, you will observe a lot of user-friendly features. These are:

Call Recording: Tossable Digits allows any user to record every single call. This process can be established freely. So, you won’t need to worry about the recording process at later.

Voicemail: Tossable Digits allows unlimited voicemail. Here, you can enable custom greetings or any pre-defined recorded message. In fact; every single virtual number contains unique configuration. To handle call configuration, you can establish call rules. By depending on caller’s CallerID, this process can be enabled. Besides, do not disturb feature is also available inside this. To allow this facility, you just need to define any specific time. If any caller calls during that time, then that call will be forwarded to voicemail. After that, RoboCall blocking feature is also included within this.

Utility Features: Text messaging system is available inside Tossable Digits. If you activate this feature, then you can send out or receive the needed SMS from your phone. After that, some more advanced level features can be observed like call forwarding, call announce, callerID control, screening etc.

Pricing Condition of Tossable Digits

Tossable Digits issues four different packages. These are Pay-as-you-go, Basic, Advanced and Professional. To get the Basic package, you need to pay only $7. With this package, you can enable a single virtual number. While purchasing an Advanced package, you will get the benefit to use 3 virtual numbers. To get this, only $19 is needed. For heavy users, the Professional package is a suitable one. It includes 7 virtual numbers. This license is available with the price of $39.