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There are so many computer users who like to use separate security tools for their different types of computers like the Windows PCs, Macs, etc. One the other hand, some users loves to use unified protection tools which can be used in all the devices on their home.

Highlights of the Titanium Premium Security

Titanium Premium Security can be considered as the unified protection software. It is actually the strongest suite offered by the Trend Micro Software Company. We have discussed about various features and pricing plans of this strong protection solution of Trend Micro.

titanium premium security

Why This Product

This protection suite can be used for protecting 5 different computers as well as the Android devices with great effectiveness. The email scam detection rate of this software is very high. That is why it can provide and maintain high quality protection to the emails. Spywares will also be detected by the Titanium Premium Security.

So after installing this to your computers, you don’t have to worry about the identity thieves. Privacy settings of the social media accounts are very much needed to be maintained and this task can be done with this product of Trend Micro very easily.

To protect the computers and the data stored in those devices from viruses and other infections, this suite has a very strong protection engine. Safe online banking environment will be provided by it and it will also let you store the confidential files to the secured cloud vault. 25 GB cloud storage will be offered to you with each license of Titanium Premium Security.

This product of the Trend Micro Software Company has very strong family protection programs. Such programs can be used for stopping the kids from visiting specific types of websites. With the help of this software, you will be able to restrict the children from exposing the personal information. What are the online activities of the children can be monitored by this product. Titanium Premium Security can be used for finding out the lost Android devices and for wiping the data from those devices remotely.

Trial Version and Premium Plans

Free trial version of this product is available. So it will be best for you to use the trial version before buying any of the licenses of it. Two different premium plans are available for this product of Trend Micro. One plan can be purchased with $64.95 with one year validity.

Another plan offers the 2 year license with $109.95 as of 28 August 2014. As we said earlier that the Titanium Premium Security has the capability to work with the computers on different platforms, no matter which license plan you will choose, you will be able to use in 5 different devices of your home.