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Timeline Optins Discount

Timeline Optins Pro Review

Normally, we can create email list from targeted website. For this purpose, there are many tools to help us. It is also possible to create such list from video marketing. In this case, you will also need help from the website. But there is another way of completing an email list without help of a website. Timeline Optins Pro can be used for doing so. It can be considered as very powerful Facebook timeline software. It can easily add videos on squeeze pages. And then those can be posted on the timeline of Facebook accounts. That means, it will create email lists containing subscribers of FB pages. Create email lists cheaply with the coupon offer. The Timeline Optins discount will give you the product at a much cheaper rate. Some powerful features of this product are:

Few Easy Steps

Timeline Optins will let you face only few steps for completing the tasks. First of all you have to create a post. For doing so, this software will require only a few second. Then graphic and video code can be added easily on that. URL redirecting can also be done in this step. In the second step, this software will show only a teaser to viewers who will be asked to opt-in. That teaser will be so attractive that, opt-in rate will be increased very quickly. The pro version of Timeline Optins will help you to customize optin forms. That is why, you can use different forms for different periods. And finally, at the last step, this product will collect necessary information about subscribers. Then they will be redirected to preset URLs.

Affordable Pricing Plan and Discount Coupon

Most of the unique type of software are very costly. There is no doubt that the Timeline Optins is a new type of product. But you have to pay only $97 for this one without the discount, as of this post creating time. This license can be used for posting unlimited videos with squeeze pages on unlimited FB timelines. At the same time, there is no limit of email list. And each list may have as many subscribers as you want. After paying the price of Timeline Optins Pro once, you will not be asked for any monthly fees. $97 is the one-time fee for this product. For all these facilities, pricing of this software can be considered as completely reasonable.

Impressive Posting Feature

With the help of Timeline Optins Pro, you can post the squeeze pages on anywhere you need. Sometimes, these can be posted on timelines of some friends. Sometimes, you can also post those on any fan page. And you can also post on various groups for specific members. That means, laser targeted people can be the target. And then created email list will be as profitable as you needed. As the FB account must be managed by human beings. Collected data from Timeline Optins will be completely real.

So, if you think Timeline Optins is just the product for you, then get it with the discount. The Timeline Optins coupon will save you a good sum of money and also give you a good product at low cost.