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Thirsty Affiliates and the Overview

Through the online system you can get the opportunity to earn the money. In this case, you can depend on affiliate marketing. It affords the simple way to earn the money from the online based platform. But in this category, you need to assure some factors. At the beginning time, you will need to ensure the building process of the trust with the audience. Then, you should pick up the appropriate affiliate products to promote your income process. But there exists an essential factor which is also the proper management process between the states and the appropriate linking process. For the WordPress based site, you can use Thirsty Affiliates link management plugin.  This is used as a plug-in for the link management system. It helps the users to redirect, organize and the cloak the available affiliate links. You can do this from the central place of the WordPress site. Then you can assist it into the posts as well as in the pages.

The Main Themes

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This is a secured plug-in for any user. It affords the system to cloak the links through the secured direction process. So, your commissions can’t be reached by the thieves. Besides, the flexible category and the sub-category allow the users to manage the links according to the use and the performance.

Features of the Cloaking Plugin

Thirsty Affiliates fulfills some common features in the affiliate marketing category. These features of this affiliate link plugin are:

Flexible installation process: This plug-in is very simple like others WordPress plug-in. You can easily install this and gain the available functions of this. Its main goal is to assure the managing process of the affiliate links in a user friendly way. Then, you will get the system to cloak the URLs. You won’t need to run after those links while making this. Besides, it offers an essential tool named as Link Picker whose task is to add the images, plain text and the short code. In the post editing section, you can apply this tool. Moreover, in the searching category, this tool is very supportive.

Thirsty Affiliates Pricing for addons: Azon Add-on allows the essential tools for the flexible direction process. By using them, you can get the chance to search all the available products in the network of Amazon. Besides, you may import those into the Thirsty Affiliates by allowing a single click. While using Autolinker Add-on you can get the opportunity to set up the linking process with the available keywords. It offers the systematic controlling process of the searching section and other related cases. For establishing the location linking process, you can use Geolocaions Add-on. For the geographical identification process, this is very helpful for the users.

The Thirsty Affiliates coupon and discount is currently available for buying 2 addons or more. But if we get more sophisticated coupon code for this Affiliate Link Management Plugin, we will update accordingly.