Thesis Theme for WordPress Review : Get a Cool Pricing

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When you will customize your WordPress site with the help of normal theme, you will not get total comfort. But if you use a theme like a Thesis, you can make your WordPress site more beautiful. Mainly this product is for creating blogs. Blogs if various styles can be made by using this. Some beautiful features and some affordable pricing plans have made this more popular. Though this is a theme, you can customize this just like a framework. Let’s take a look what is offered by this flexible theme.

Thesis Theme

Amazing Flexibility of the Thesis Theme

The amazing thing about Thesis is it can be installed very easily. If you ever installed any WordPress theme, then you will face no major problem with this one. The drop-down menus will help you to handle and customize this thing very easily. For the customization of this product, you can use the drag down editor, skins, and boxes. This product is completely friendly for the SEO of the targeted sites. The properties of the contents can easily customize with the help of this blog theme.

Skins and Boxes

Thesis supports different types of skins and boxes. At the same time, you can install various skins. If you choose the classic skin of it, then you will get the default layout. On the other hand, the blank skin will let you include various contents and designs very easily.

With very friendly skin editor, you will be able to make the skin stunning. This editor is complete with the drag and drop type. Thesis 2.0 supports all types of contents and you just have to use your mouse to add the contents. The HTML and CSS properties can also be changed very easily. Suppose you don’t have proper knowledge about the widgets, but you want to add new facilities to your site. If you have thesis, then you will not face problems to do that.

It will allow you to use various add-on boxes on the targeted site. The Professional plan of this product supports the social media share box. You the email opt-in box and other developer tools are also helpful for the customization of the website.

Comparison between Plans

Before choosing any of the plans you have to know about the comparison. First of the Basic Plan is the starter one. With 12 months update and email support facilities, the price of this plan is $97 as of 22 February 2015. This plan contains only the classic responsive skins, not the other skins and boxes. The Basic Plans is a better one.

It supports all the skins and the email opt-in boxes. To get this plan, you have to pay $164 only. But the most powerful plan is the Professional plan which contains lifetime support and update. All the add-on boxes and skins are supported by this plan of Thesis.