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In maintaining the digital world, we need to rely on the security system for our PC. While using our PC, we can face the problem of attacking the threats in our corresponding computer system. That’s why; we can rely on various anti-virus solutions. To ensure the best security system, Symantec Endpoint Protection is a trusted solution to the users.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Review

Symantec Endpoint Protection manages the top level antivirus based protection mood. With the support of this, you will be able to destroy the targeted threats and the advanced level dangerous files. Generally, the hackers and the cyber criminals use the dangerous links and the corrupted files to destroy the system file of any PC. To identity all of these threats, Symantec Endpoint Protection offers the top level layer system whose main task is to filter the browsing activities and the installed application under any PC.

symantec endpoint protection

The Available Features

Symantec Endpoint Protection ensures all the latest technologies to maintain the security mood of any PC. By affording the intelligence based security mood, it can simply detect the viruses and the dangerous files. All types of security moods are offered here with the condition of global intelligence based networking mood. To improve the run time performance of any PC, all the security tools are offered from this platform. Through the support of scanning system, agent mood and layer system, the users can simply detect the corrupted files.

Applicable field: Symantec Endpoint Protection is able to perform the activities almost in all platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS and other open source sections. In all the versions of Windows OS, it can run the activities. It is supportive both for 32 bit and 64 bit.

Symantec Endpoint Protection offers the SONAR technologies and other popular functions. Due to the presence of these technologies, the users will be able to analyze the behavior of the suspicious files. Besides, the network based technology ensures the system to detect the activities of the incoming data. Moreover, the browsing activities can be checked from the back end section. Due to this facility, you can simply browse without any hesitation. Besides, the terms of online banking, transaction system, credit card information storing can also be managed through this solution.

The Pricing Issue

For a single year subscription, you need to pay $30 for each endpoint. For 5 endpoints, you need to pay $150 and For 20 endpoints, $600 is needed to pay. In case of 2 year subscription, $50 is needed to pay for a single endpoint. $250 is needed for 5 endpoints. In case of purchasing 20 endpoints of Symantec Endpoint Protection, you will have to pay $1,000.