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Swordfish Translator Editor Review

It can be seen that a less popular software company offers more powerful solutions. The Maxprograms can be considered as an average popular software brand. But some of the products of this brand are really highly recommendable. For these products, this brand will be in a better position than now. The Swordfish Translator is very successful product of this company. This software can be considered as one of the best computer aided translation (CAT) tools of the world. Very rich set of features has made this product such powerful. Take advantage of all the rich features of Swordfish Translator Editor with the coupon offer. Get this compatible tool with our Swordfish Translator Editor coupn. From that list, we have mentioned some of the main features in this review. Let’s have a look at those:

Very Impressive Compatibility

There are some translation tools which are not compatible with the other similar tools. But the Swordfish Translator Editor has the ability work with all of those. It supports the translations of all the common formats like TXML, TTX, and XLIFF etc. For customizing the translation environment, this product is very effective. It will let you configure so many things like the keyboard shortcuts and conversion rules. For your tasks, you can also change the XML catalogs, fonts and colors. The Swordfish Translator Editor has the ability to reuse the same translations for various campaigns. For each of the segments, this software can extract the translations.

Totally Affordable Pricing and Coupon

For this kind of products, normally the companies set very high prices. But the Maxprograms has set completely reasonable price for the Swordfish Translator Editor. The unit cost for this one is only 300 USD without the coupon as per this post writing time. Various file formats are supported by this software. The software development files can also be translated by this product. Some of these file formats are JavaScript, Portable Objects, RC and TS. And all the general documentation file types are supported by Swordfish Translator Editor. It can work with the MS Office, HTML, and Adobe InDesign files. Plain text files, RTF, XML, and Tagged RTF files can be translated by this product. Due to these powerful features, it can be said that the price of this tool is not high at all.

Filtering and Proofreading

Swordfish Translator Editor has very advanced proofreading program. For the proof reading, most of the users love to deal with HTML views. That is why, this product will let you get the HTML version of all the XLIFF files. And then you can easily proof read by using the default browser of your system. Segmentation filtering is another great advantage of the Swordfish Translator Editor. You can change the status of the segments very easily with this. So you will easily understand which segments have been translated and which require translation. This product has two different powerful translation engines. Auto-translation mode is also added in this tool.

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