SugarSync Online Backup Storage Review : Get an Awesome Pricing

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For sharing and storing the confidential files, you can use the cloud storage or the online backup storage. It is not so difficult to find such company which offers the cloud storages for the customers. Among that huge list of companies which provide this type of service, the SugarSync is one of the very popular names.

Overview of the SugarSync Online Backup Storage

SugarSync not only offers various features with their cloud storages, but also offers various types of plans which can be suitable for different types of users. We have tried to spot on the major features and plans of the SugarSync Cloud and backup storages.

Different Plans Offered by SugarSync

To the cloud storage offered by this company, you will be able to store the backups of all types of files and folders on your computer very easily and safely. Real time backups uploading system is very good facility of this company. So the newly stored and customized files of the targeted computers will be back up very efficiently by the SugarSync.

The backup system of this company will work very silently, but effectively so that your computer systems will not get slower and no file will be lost. Another great advantage of SugarSync is it can be integrated with the mobile phones. When you will integrate it with the mobile phone, then it will upload the backups of the photos and videos immediately after being captured by the camera of that phone.

SugarSync is not a simple backup solution. It also has the synchronization capabilities. The folders on the multi-device can be easily synchronized by SugarSync. You can use this for sending the files of different sizes and types. The entire folders can be shared very easily with the help of this. You can access the backup storage of the SugarSync from different types of devices like the Windows computers, Mac Computers and mobile devices of the Android operating system and iOS.

Various Plans of This Backup Storage

SugarSync offers some very friendly plans for the backup or cloud storage. You just have to choose the right one by considering how large space you need for storing your necessary files. The tiniest plan offered by this company is the 60 GB plan which is one of the three plans for the Individuals. The other two plans of this category are the 100 GB plan and the 250 GB plan.

If you are looking for the cloud storage for your business, then the 1000 GB plan of SugarSync can be a good choice for you because this plan can be used by maximum 3 users. One of the most important features of this company is, it offers the Custom plan which is very flexible and suitable for more than 3 users.