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In these modern days, computer system is an essential part. Without using the computer system, our personal life as well as the corporate life will be impossible. In fact; in every section we need to reflect the support facilities of the computer system. By using the computer system, we can manage the communication process and the data storage system. Here, we can store a lot of files according to our need. But the computer system can be attacked by the computer threats. At that time, we may feel the complexities of losing the data. To remove this problem, we can depend on anti-threat program. There are a lot of programs in this category. STOPzilla anti-virus is one of them.

STOPzilla anti-virus and the overview

It offers the best security system of any PC. It holds all the needed facilities to identify the threats and the dangerous links.


Main Functions of this

The main task of this program is to remove the corrupted files from the system file of the PC. It affords all the latest technologies to manage the virus removal process. It creates a safeguard process to protect the personal data. Your online based activities will be kept in safe mood with the touch of this. For the virus identification process, it affords the secured scanning system.

Features of STOPzilla

AVM technology: The most powerful feature of this program is the AVM technology. Due to having this technology, the secured scanning system can be maintained. It offers the sequential steps to protect your PC from the online based threats. After completing the installation process of this program in the PC, it configures the scanning process with the built-in method. It offers two types of protection system. The first one is the shared protection system and other is full protection. This activity is processed automatically.

Besides, the protection system of this program can manage with other programs with the effective supports. Under the shared mood, it offers the system to detect the threats and the malware from the core section of the PC. If you activate the full protection system, then the program will be configured for the full support of every installed application. Under this category, you can manage the virus and online based threats removal process.

Other functions: This program is not only limited by the scanning system. It holds the function improve the performance of the PC. Besides, the application that is stored in the PC can be optimized through this. This means that, any user can stop the activity of any specific application for the temporary process through this. In a word, this is one of the best programs for the security mood of any PC.