STOIK Imagic Premium Software Review: Get Exclusive Pricing

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All the photo editing and processing software programs are not equally powerful. That is why some of them can achieve huge success and some of them cannot. STOIK is the software company which offers various products related to photo editing, processing, organizing, and viewing.

STOIK Imagic Premium Review

The STOIK Imagic Premium is the combination of various tools and those tools have made this software of the STOIK brand very powerful. This product has all the elements which can make it largely popular all across the world.

Basic Features of This Popular Product

This product offers all the tools which are helpful for editing the photos as well as videos. First of all, let us consider the features of the picture editor tool of this product. This tool offers the digital darkroom which is very important for the enhancement of various types of photos. This tool is not only important for the professional photographers but also essential for others. It also offers the photo repairing and correction accessories. For viewing various types of images, the Image Viewer tool of this product is very impressive. It will also help you for organizing the photos and finding the desired photos very easily. One of the great parts of the picture editor tool is the digital picture retouching which can be used for creating various types of portrait and professional photos. With the help of this tool, you will be able to remove the unnecessary objects from the photos, to resize and to edit the colors and background of the photos very easily. If you want to compare the edited images with the original images then you will be able to do that with the help of STOIK Imagic Premium.

Just like the images, the videos can also be edited, organized and searched for this product. The Graphic Editor tool of this product offers so many features. It can be used for removing the red-eye effect from the photos. It will also help you to reduce the noises and to add various types of borders around the photos very easily. This product of the STOIK brand offers the raw converter tool and you will be able to create HDR photos by using this software.

Advanced Features of This Product

Various advanced features have made this product stronger. Slideshow maker of it can be used for creating beautiful slideshows with the selected images. Thumbnail maker is also an advantage of this software. Image mirroring can be done very quickly with the STOIK Imagic Premium. Not only the images but also the animations are supported by this product. Zooming and image moving options will help you to view the images with several manners. This product of the STOIK brand supports the photos of different bits.