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Sticky Password Coupon

Sticky Password Review and Features

The modern age is totally dependent on the online system. Without the support of the online system, we won’t be able to manage the practical life in a comfortable way. It offers us all the flexible support to maintain the business section and personal life. Under the online section, we have to depend on the password system for various platforms in various cases. But sometimes, we may forget some passwords. To eliminate this problem, we can rely on Sticky Password Pro. This ensures a single password system by which all the needed password system can be managed according to user’s choice. It mainly maintains the password management system with the form filling option. By memorizing a single password, you can organize all the tasks that are related to the password system. All the other things will be filled automatically by this.

Main Activities Assured

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The technology of Sticky Password is used by many renowned software companies. Besides, more than 2 million users are depending on this platform. To maintain the best security solution, this platform is an awesome one. Generally, the password is stored and saved in the corresponding browser. So, any unauthorized user can access from any PC. To remove this complexity, the users can depend on this. It offers a single master password and it is known to the specific user. This password is not saved in the server section of this. So, it is known only to you. Besides, for the data encryption system, Sticky password is an effective platform.

It affords AES-256 for the data encryption mood and it is defined as a leading data encryption mode. Moreover, this platform offers the fingerprint supporting system for maintaining the best security mood. In this case, it uses the biometric supporting option. This option is valid for almost any type of device like android smart phone; iOS tablet PC and so on.

Pricing Section and Coupon Code

Price: For getting the trial version of this program, you can use the package of the Sticky password Free. Here, all the features are not allowed. But by using the premium version, you will be able to get the available facilities under this. To get this package, you need to pay $19.99 for a year as per April 2015. But with above coupon, it is 40% off on the purchase. So have the promotion and get Sticky Password Premium.

Security System: For marinating the best security mood of the data, it offers AES-256 encryption mood which is used by the military section. The master password provided by this will be known by the authorized users. So, the entire password based sites and the activities can be controlled according to user’s choice by using that master password. Moreover, it is appropriate for all the existing browsers used by the users.

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