Stealth Genie Pricing | Avail Review for the Spy Software

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Stealth Genie is a great software. It is one of the easiest ways to use cell phone spy app. It has all the abilities which is required to use in cell phone spy app.

Stealth Genie Overview

Stealth Genie is compatible with all the systems of cell phones in the market place. Just to say as an example: Android, iOS and Black Berry. Users will be able to read all the phone call records, including ingoing and outgoing calls. This software also can detect the GPS on the device and it can also read the emails. It can also spy on even messenger chats instantly.

Stealth Genie

Amazing Attributes and Features

Stealth Genie has amazing attributes. This software can not only track ingoing calls, but it also can track outgoing calls including all the recordings. Users also can track only the certain numbers if they want by using this software. This software can track in the limit which exactly the users desire. This software can also make sure that you can hear conversations in the real time. It can activate live listening and recording in the mobile phone. User can adjust control panel and listen from the both sides. User can also detect the current location of the targeted phone. This software also will help you to check the last location or the targeted location of the device. This software can make sure that your phone does not get lost if you lose your phone or if your phone gets stolen.

User also can see the restricted place so that the targeted phone can be tracked when the targeted phone enters in the location. This software also can designate the phone when the phone leaves the danger area. The user will get an email or message when the phone leaves the danger zone. Users can also spy on the messenger in live chat. Users can spy on WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and the list go on. This software also can track incoming and outgoing email from the device. It has high capability of tracking the media files of a phone. It can track down videos, songs and photos. Users can also even listen to the music from targeted phone. Users also can track down the history by of the phones. So users can see which website has been logged in before. Users also can see the target user’s contract files.

Tracking Apps Feature

Stealth Genie is the great software which can detect the apps of mobile phone. Users can get the information of the apps has been installed on the phones.