StartLogic Hosting Solution Review : Get an Exclusive Pricing

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The StartLogic is such company you can rely on for the domain registration and different types of website hosting. No matter you need the hosting solutions for what types of websites you can get those from this popular company. The important thing about this company is this company offers the money back guarantee to the customers. That means, if you are not happy with the hosting solutions of this company in 30 days, then you will get your money back.

StartLogic Review

Most of the hosting providers offer various plans for the website hosting because all the website owner do not want the same amount of disk space, bandwidths and similar types of servers for the hosting. The StartLogic also offers three different plans for the website hosting. One of those plans is the Express plan and this plan includes several types of marketing tools and website builder tools like the other plans of the website hosting of the StartLogic Company. But the sizes of the disk space, as well as the bandwidth, are little in this plan. The customers of this plan will get 5 GB disk space and 100 GB bandwidths for each month. The control panel offered with this plan is very easy to handle and powerful.

Website Hosting Offered by This Company

With the Web Hosting Pro Plan of this company, you will be able to get the power to host as many websites as you want because you will get an unlimited amount of disk space and bandwidth with this plan. This plan also supports an unlimited number of emails accounts. The features of the Pro plan and the Supercharge plan are the same. The Supercharge plan is better because this plan includes the backup and firewall facilities.

Domains and VPS hosting of This Company

VPS hosting is one of the most popular hosting solution in this world. The reasons behind the popularity of this type of hosting are the Virtual Private Servers can be owned by one user like the dedicated servers and those servers can also be handled without any problem by using a suitable operating system. The StartLogic Company provides three different plans for the VPS hosting.

The VPS Logic plan can be used for the hosting for unlimited websites. With this plan, you will get 20 GB disk space and the permission to use 1000 GB bandwidth. 1 IP address is included with this plan. Another one is the VPS LogicPro plan which can also be used for the hosting of unlimited websites with 40 GB disk space and 1500 GB bandwidths. This popular VPS hosting plan offers 30 different domains. The VPS LogicPremium is the best plan among the available three plans and this plan offers 60 GB disk space and 2000 GB bandwidths. The StartLogic Company also offers various types of old and new types of domains. So no matter what types of domain names you need, you can get those from this company.