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Stackideas and Its Functionalities

In the web industry, Joomla is a dependable platform defined by the web developers as it assures the way to develop the website almost in all sections. In this section, we feel the necessities of using various types of extensions. For developing the Jooma extensions, Stackideas is a renowned platform. It offers various types of Joomla extensions like EasySocial, EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss, Komento and so on. Use our coupon to get this renowned platform at a cheap rate.

The Available Extensions and Their Features

EasySocial: This social networking based extension affords a lot of features. In the sharing section, you will get the term of sharing photos, videos, links and the related components. Besides, the setting process of the location and the tagging process are also available here. In the sharing section, you will get the supportive options like browsing activities, link building process, sliding managing process and so on. To build up the own community, some active tools are provided here with the grouping condition. To maintain the best collaboration, it approves the best activities. After that, the task of rewarding process of the site members is also available.

EasyBlog: To build up any blog through block by block system, this system is a needed one for the users. Through the effective composer, you will get the option of maintaining the best writing experience. Here, the file attachment system is included with the active conditions. To maintain the post or the pages, the using process of the blocks is available through drag and drop format. Moreover, the writing templates can also be customized.

EasyDiscuss: To create the Joomla Forum in a quick process, EasyDiscuss is a supportive section. Under this, you will get the term of flexible editing system, remote publishing, attachment maintaining, code syntax controlling, tagging format, URL tagging, favorite post handling and so on.

Komento: To transform the Joomla’s commenting method, this extension is a needed one. To engage the own communities, all the helpful tools are provided by this. It assures the option of category based comment managing process, flexible migration system and so on. Enjoy all the of the magnificent extensions as well as features of the tool with the Stackideas discount.

Stackideas Pricing Condition and Coupon

In EasySocial, you will get three packages like Starter, Professional and Unlimited. The prices of these packages are $89, $99 and $199 sequentially excluding the coupon. All of these packages ensure the unlimited domain installation condition. In EasyBlog, you will get the packages of Community, Professional and Unlimited. For these three packages, you need to pay $59; $79 and $199 and these packages include 9, 20 and 24 professional level blog themes sequentially. For the case of EasyDiscuss, you have to pay $59, $79 and $199 for the package of Community, professional and Unlimited. In Komento extension, two packages are available and these are Professional ($45) and Unlimited ($99).

Stackideas is renowned tool that is being offered at a discounted rate here. This applies for EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss Pro, EasySocial and any other licenses. Just purchase the tool through our link and enjoy the Stackideas coupon.