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SQLite Expert Reviews

In the case of developing the SQLite3 database management system, SQLite Expert is a needed tool for any section. It offers the powerful tools and the built-in functions by which the administration task and the developing process for the SQLite section can be managed. From the query building process to the complex database management system, this is a perfect choice to the users. It offers some needed functions like query building process, SQL editor maintaining process with auto code completion system, visual table organizing, view designing task, import or export system and other activities. If the review of SQLite Expert catches you attention, then buy it with our discount coupon offer. In order to get the SQLite Expert coupon, there is no necessity of any additional promotion.

Visual SQL query Building

Through SQLite Expert, you can maintain the term of building the complex queries. The available queries can be edited with the code formation system. The query parsing and the analysis system are active here with the SQL editor system.

Active restructure method: SQLite Expert allows the powerful editor system for maintaining the columns, primary, foreign key, unique key and index customization process. To restructure any types of complex table, this is very helpful and under this formation there is no chance of losing any data. Any restructure method is wrapped through nested activities.

Data import and export: To manage the data import or export system from the source to the destination, it offers some sequential tools. You can enable the export or import method into a CSV file, Excel file or SQL script. In the case of copying the data from any table to another, you can apply these terms. To copy the data from any table into another, you can also apply the drag and drop format. In the case of export the data into Excel, the clipboard can be used.

Data Editing

To edit the needed data in the grid format, SQLite Expert offers some flexible editors. In the case of image editing system, it is supported with various image types. To modify the Blob fields, it is integrated with the Hex editor.

Some additional features: The repairing process of the database section, comparing process of the needed data, online backup system, and data migration process are also available here. In the case of managing the table like table creation, editing, indexing and other tasks, some built-in tools are offered here. To handle the needed data, various parameters and data types are available here.

Pricing Issue of SQLite Expert

To purchase a single license of SQLite Expert, you need to pay only $59. This is the pricing without the discount being added. or the license of 2-4, you need to pay only $52/license. In the case of 5-7 licenses, $46 will be needed for each license. If any user wants to purchase more than 11 licenses, then $38/license will be asked.

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