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SQLAPI++ Library Pro Full (Pro Win + Pro Linux/Unix, with sources)

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SQLAPI Discount

A Short Review of the SQLAPI

We all know that there are various types of SQL databases such as Oracle, Sybase, MySQL and others. For some projects, you may need to access these databases very easily. But normally, you cannot do so. It is best to use the C++ library for accessing those databases. So you have to get that necessary C++ library. For this type of task, you can use the SQLAPI++ which is a very famous C++ library to access different types of SQL databases. You can get SQLAPI with the discount coupon. Enjoy all the cool features with this SQLAPI coupon. All the necessary features have been included in this product. Some of those are:

Easy Database Connections

The SQLAPI will allow you to establish very easy connection to the databases. And for doing so, you just have to follow few steps. In the first step, you have to create the connection object very easily. And then you will be able to make the connection to the desired database. After establishing the connection, you can disconnect that anytime. This powerful C++ library supports two different modes of transaction. First one is the auto-commit mode. This one is very much impressive to commit the database operation whenever that is performed. And the manual-commit mode is which supports manual connection and rollback. Similarly, SQLAPI++ supports various transaction isolation levels.

Very Impressive Pricing and Discount

SQLAPI++ Library has different packages and all of those are available for attractive pricing. For an example, you can purchase the Pro License of it for Windows. In that case, the pricing will only be $249 without the discount. Similarly, you can also purchase the Pro License for Linux with the same price. According to 26 September 2016, price of the Pro Full License of SQLAPI is only $299. The main advantage of this license is, it is for both the Windows and Linux platforms. That means, this one is more cost effective than the separate editions for those platforms. You can also purchase the Site License of this product for 10 users and unlimited users. For the 10-users license, the cost will only be 598 USD, and for the unlimited users, the price will be 897 USD. The previously registered users can also enjoy the upgrade facilities.

Some Other Features

SQLAPI supports so many other features which can be required for your tasks. It is very much helpful for executing the SQP commands. Before executing the command, you just have to create the command objects and select the input parameters. And after executing the command, processing of the output parameters can be done very easily. Similarly, you can use the SQLAPI for the execution of the store procedures. This product is very much impressive for optimizing the performance of any database. The performance tuning capability of this solution is very impressive. It will help you for handling all the errors that can arise.

In conclusion, purchase SQLAPI with the coupon. You can enjoy all of its cool features by purchasing with the SQLAPI discount.