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Review and Features of Speedleads

Generation of new leads is very important for any kind of online business. All marketers use various tools and strategies to generate new leads. But this task can be done by a simple but the powerful browser extension named Speedleads. After integrating this thing to any browser, it will be very easy to create click-to-action links. These links can be shared to various platforms to get a huge number of traffic. And new traffic means new leads. Please purchase SL with the coupon. Grab this Speedleads discount following the image instructions. So let’s have a look at some main features and facilities of this extension:

Call-to-Action Button

Creating call-to-action button is very easy with the help of Speedleads. This solution actually will let you attach buttons to any page. Whenever visitors will click on those buttons, they will be redirected to your site instantly. That is why getting new leads is easily possible. This powerful extension will allow you to use most popular online contents to generate new leads. These campaigns will increase sales, number of downloads of apps, and email optins. Speedleads is chosen by many big names of the world. That is why beating competitors is very easy with the help of this product. It can create unique links which can get more leads. After creating those links, it will help to find out profitable places to share those.

Plans and Coupon on SL

If you just see the pricing facilities of Speedleads, impressive things can be found. This product has three different licenses and each of these is available for comfortable pricing. Single Brand License of this product is offered for only 27 USD excluding the coupon. With the powerful retargeting facility, this license is only for campaigns of single brand. Multi-Brand License of this solution is offered for only 32 USD as per this post writing date. You can use this for campaigns of maximum 5 brands. Speedleads Unlimited brand license can be purchased by only 37 USD. This is actually offered for unlimited brand campaigns. And the more important thing is, it has come with reseller rights. By paying these respective fees, you can enjoy these licenses for a lifetime.

Effective Success Tracker

With the help of Speedleads, different campaigns can be created for promoting various brands. All campaigns will not be equally successful. That is why, it is very important to judge their performance. For doing so, real time analysis tool of this product is perfect. It can track records of each of the clicks and conversions. After finding out successful campaigns, you can easily duplicate those to create new one. Capturing leads with this tool is very easy and then retargeting can be done. These features will make the campaigns more successful. Nowadays, every online project must be responsive. Otherwise, huge portion of mobile leads will be overlooked. Speedleads has the ability to make every campaign completely responsive.

In conclusion, please use the discount to purchase this tool designed to add call to action and also branding to the pages that you share on social media. For any more inquiries on the Speedleads coupon, please contact us.